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Yohimbe Bark Extract Benefits

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Apart from acting as an aphrodisiac there are various benefits of the yohimbe bark which can be helpful to people. This piece of writing informs its readers of all the other uses and educates them about this medicinal herb...
In today's time, when western medications are not that effective and come with no more guarantees, people have started turning towards natural herbs for their infinite benefits. Natural herbs have proven helpful in many cases and have also increased the body's ability to fight off infections.
Today's story talks about one such herb which is very popular in Africa and now has been introduced in the American market. This herb is known as 'Yohimbe' and this article talks about its various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe is the name of a medicinal herb which comes from the Pausinystalia Yohimbe, an evergreen tree found in various regions such as Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria and Congo of Western Africa.
In Africa, the tree has been used as an aphrodisiac since many centuries and people still smoke the bark of the tree as a hallucinogen. This bark is harvested from May to September due to the availability of rains.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

One of the most common uses of yohimbe bark extract is for erectile dysfunction. As mentioned above the herb is mainly used as an aphrodisiac for men and women.
Its effects are known to enhance sexual desire in men. Many people claim it to be very effective against impotence caused by the consumption of antidepressants and medications which hamper sexual performance mainly in men. Once administered, this herb promotes healthy blood circulation especially in the genital area of men and women.

Antioxidant Properties

The herb is a high source of antioxidants and contributes to healthy skin and hair growth. In addition to that it also increases size of blood vessels and helps in repairing clogged arteries. This ensures prevention from various cardiovascular disorders and lowers the risk of heart attacks.
The antioxidant in yohimbe bark extract eliminates the free radicals of the body, preventing the growth of cancerous tumors in the body.

Increased Libido

Men or women who suffer from the problems of low libido are often advised yohimbe bark extract by their doctors. This bark extract is considered very helpful to reduce stress and exhaustion and therefore contributing to sexual desire.
The bark extract is believed to provide infinite benefits to the circulatory, reproductive and nervous system thus enhancing sexual performance in men and women.

Head Pain Relief

Yohimbe bark extract is also beneficial for people who often suffer from head pain and have trouble concentrating on different topics. Yohimbe bark extract is known to boost up the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain which keeps head pain at bay.

Fat Loss

Yohimbe is helpful in healthy weight loss and is the first preference of many doctors to treat obesity. Doctors recommend that yohimbe should be taken before going to a workout as it helps body to use more fat during the workout session.
Yohimbe by nature is an alpha-2 andrenergic antagonist which means it fights off those compounds which contribute to unhealthy weight gain in the body.
Although the herb offers a long list of benefits, many people have suffered from possible side effects by consuming yohimbe extract. If taken more than the prescribed dosage, which is not more than 25 to 30 mg daily, yohimbe bark extract can cause side effects such as nausea, stomach upset, night sweats, fever, dizziness, etc.
Pregnant women, nursing moms and kids should stay away from yohimbe bark extract as it is not considered healthy for them.