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Yellow Sapphire Rings

Tulika Nair
Are you looking for an engagement ring with a difference? Then opt for one from the collection of yellow sapphire rings which have become very popular and are the latest fad in town.
Despite being available in so many different colors, it is actually quite weird that the name of the gemstone sapphire comes from the word sappheiros which in Greek translates to blue gemstones. But the name stuck and today sapphires in every color are referred to by the same name.
The discovery of these stones can be traced back to Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka) but experts worldwide agree that the most beautiful collection of sapphires ever was mined in Kashmir, India. The supply of sapphires from Kashmir has been long exhausted but the sapphires from there are still a standard to be reckoned with.
Other main sources of sapphire are Madagascar, Australia and Thailand. Though usually blue in color, sapphire is found in shades like green, blue, pink, padparadscha (which is a mix between pink and orange), and yellow. Yellow sapphire is very popular in jewelry making and rings with yellow sapphire are the latest rage among selections for engagement rings.
Yellow sapphires, like other stones of the sapphire family, is the September birthstone. Yellow sapphire is also the traditional gifts for the 5th, 45th and 70th wedding anniversaries.
So in case you are celebrating one of these anniversaries, then it may be a good idea to gift a ring from a collection of yellow sapphire rings to your loved one. Yellow sapphire is considered most beneficial for those whose sun signs are Aries, Libra, Cancer or Taurus.

Rings with Yellow Sapphire: An Overview

There are many people who herald the beauty of diamonds but there is also quite a population which believes that jewelry set with yellow sapphire is among the most beautiful jewelry in the world.
One of the best things about wearing a yellow sapphire is that it is one of the few gemstones in the world that is known to be a neutral stone therefore, having no adverse effects on the wearer even if it is not their birthstone.
Yellow sapphires are said to bring prosperity for wearers of the stone. Most people who don this stone wear it in the form of rings but there are some who prefer to wear it as a pendant. It is also said that yellow sapphire helps you to learn about yourself and helps on making money and healing you as well.
There are beliefs that state that wearing yellow sapphire rings on the index finger is the best way to get everything you need. Associated with the planet Jupiter, yellow sapphires apparently allow the wearer to achieve all of his or her dreams.
Several people often make the mistake of confusing the yellow sapphire with a yellow diamond. These gemstones though similar in appearance, differ in many characteristics which will be evident to experts who can differentiate between the two gemstones with ease.
These rings are becoming extremely popular as engagement rings among many brides-to-be. This is because of the growing trend of people opting for alternative gemstones instead of diamonds.
Whether this is due to a growing awareness of trade in conflict diamonds or just an affinity for the colors of other stones, this has resulted in a surge in the popularity of these rings. These rings are available in several shades of yellow from pale barely there tinge of yellow to deep, golden, honey tones.
Options range from a solitary stone to rings adorned and accentuated with other stones as well. Symbols of sincerity, truth, loyalty and faithfulness, the yellow sapphire is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Rings for men and women, both, can be set in silver, gold or platinum.
But truth be told yellow sapphire rings tend to look the most breathtaking in a platinum setting. Many brides also prefer to have diamonds accentuating the yellow sapphire on their ring and this is a popular design pattern for engagement rings.
If you are looking for something very special and have a budget that supports your decision, then opt for antique rings that are generally lavishly cut and set in European style.
If these rings appeal to your choice but the price of the same is making your decision difficult then you can opt to buy a ring set with a lab created yellow sapphire that is identical to the natural stone in every way possible.
These rings are gorgeous and a pleasant departure from the usual style of jewelry and engagement rings available widely. If you decide to get a yellow sapphire engagement ring, then rest assured that your loved one will definitely know how special you think she is and how much thought you have put into the selection of the ring.