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Which Essential Oils Blend Well With Rose Oil?

Discover the benefits of rose oil when combined with equally powerful essential oils.
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Rosa damascena, or “rose oil”, comes in many varieties: Bulgarian rose essential oil, rose otto essential oil, among others. All of them share a strong therapeutic value, thanks to their rich, floral scent.

Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil to maximize their benefits and support your mind and body. Here are a few soothing blends to try.


We all know about the calming properties of chamomile when taken both internally and externally.

You can blend this essential oil with rose to not only experience deep relaxation, but also to alleviate pain, excess gas, and infections.


This is a mild oil that rich drops of rose oil can strengthen. If you suffer from recurring skin issues, sandalwood oil works as an astringent and cicatrizant.

This means it tightens the skin and promotes healing of acne scars and many other types of scarring.


Both rose and geranium oils prevent neural degeneration and neuroinflammatory illnesses. Geranium oil can mobilize microglial cells, which fight inflammation.

This helps prevent life-limiting nervous system diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Are you craving a good night’s sleep? A blend of rose and bergamot might be just what you need.

Mixed with the tranquilizing qualities of rose oil, bergamot oil has a refreshing citrus aroma and flavonoids that induce relaxation and help prevent insomnia. Try this combination instead of popping sleeping pills and you might surprise yourself.

Ylang ylang

Rose and ylang ylang essential oils can spice up your sex life. Their aphrodisiac effects help couples who have lost interest in sex to strengthen their libido.

Low sex drive is a common problem in relationships, but this can sometimes be solved with relaxing body massages between you and your partner using these oils.
Rose oil is the special ingredient that shouldn’t stay out of your favorite aromatherapy recipes. Start using it today to make the most of its benefits.