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How Can Neem Oil Cure Your Health Issues ?

Pragya T
Neem oil, a powerful antibiotic offers many health benefits. Read on, to learn more about neem oil and how to use it.
Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil which is made using the fruits and seeds of neem tree, which is an evergreen tree. Neem oil, neem bark, neem stems, neem leaves, etc., all have great medicinal properties and have been used since ages, to cure many diseases.
Neem stems have been used as datun, which is like a toothbrush. Also, neem leaves are infused in boiling water and then used to get rid of many skin ailments. However, all these remedies need a bit of preparation and can be tedious, while using neem oil is more convenient.


Neem which goes by scientific name Azadirachta indica is an evergreen tree, which is found in the Indian subcontinent. It has many mythological stories related to it.
According to one legend, it is said that during the palazhi madanam, which is the churning of Palazi (the ocean of milk), Lord Dhanvantari appeared out of the ocean with a pot which was filled with nectar.
But, Lord Indra, who was the king of Devas (Hindu Gods) tactfully snatched the pot from the Asuras and left for the Deva Loka, and on the way, few drops of that nectar fell down and the neem tree originated.

How it is Made?

Neem oil is made using the fruits and seeds of the tree. The method of extraction likely affects the composition of oil. The oil can be obtained by crushing the seed kernel both through cold pressing or by a process of controlling temperatures. Neem cake is a byproduct of the oil extraction process.


Neem oil is rich in vitamin E, and also in emollients and fatty acids. Thus it is great for soothing dry or damaged skin. Due to these properties, it is also beneficial in treating eczema. It can also help to restore skin's natural elasticity. These were just the nourishing properties of this oil, however it is also a powerful antibiotic.
Its antibacterial properties can be used to treat acne, its anti-inflammatory properties can be used to reduce swelling and redness of condition like acne, and it can be used as a general support for immune system and a healthy skin.
Neem oil is very popular as insecticide, and has become important in organic farming. As the neem leaves and oil are bitter in taste, it keeps the pests away from the plant. It is important that you dilute the oil before you use it to avoid any side effects.
Visit a local health store to buy a bottle of neem oil. However, if you can't find this oil in health stores, then order it online. Another similar oil when it comes to being a powerful antibiotic is tea tree oil, you can consider using it as an alternative to neem oil to cure skin diseases.