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What is Ginger Root Good For

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Is ginger root beneficial for optimum health? Though many people can't stand its strong taste, ginger root is actually used as an important ingredient in treating many health conditions. Let's have a detailed look at what are the benefits of ginger root for the human body.
Though ginger root was known to be native to Asia some centuries ago, today ginger root is cultivated in almost every country in the world. The plant's root is of prime importance and has been used since thousands of years for the effective cure of physical and mental health conditions.
Originally a medicinal herb, ginger root is primarily used as a spice due to the strong distinctive flavor that it has. The plant grows very well in tropical areas where it requires fertile moist soil and high humidity for a proper growth.
Today ginger root is a popular food item in the Western cuisine and is used to prepare ginger ale, gingerbread, cake, biscuits and ginger snaps. So what is it good for? Ginger root is good for a lot of things, it improves blood circulation, some say it's an effective remedy against diabetes.
It is a good eliminator of all body toxins and also improves low quality vision. These are not the only things that ginger is effective against. Research is still going on and scientists are trying to prove the effectiveness of ginger root in physical and emotional issues.

Medicinal Benefits of Ginger Root

People who are firm believers of medication will actually be very surprised once you see the number of health benefits that ginger root has to offer. One look at the following points and you will come to know that grandma was right after all.
  • During the old times, Asian sailors used to binge on ginger root to avoid motion sickness. Even today, ginger root is one of the most recommended items when it comes to treating motion sickness. As ginger root is a medicinal herb it's far better than all the motion sickness medication which bring in side effects for its users.
  • Various medical universities claim that drinking 1 cup of ginger tea daily serves as a remedy for inflammation and arthritis. Making a paste from fresh ginger root or rubbing ginger oil is also a good remedy for joint pain.
  • Ginger root is mainly used for the treatment of dyspepsia (uncomfortable feeling after eating).
  • Due to its antispasmodic characteristic it's recommended for women who want to ease their menstrual cramps.
  • Ginger as a medicine can be taken orally to prevent nausea arising from chemotherapy, motion sickness, surgery and pregnancy.
  • Having 4 gm of ginger root everyday either in a powder form or liquid extract relieves you from indigestion and also helps prevent vomiting.
  • Having a cold glass of ginger ale in the morning is a stress buster and keeps you fresh all day. Just take care that you use real ginger and not some artificially prepared soda.
  • This claim is still under research but a medical university from the US has claimed that ginger root contains an active compound called gingerol which is considered as an anti cancer agent and this agent can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Limited studies have shown that ginger root is effective in lowering blood sugar in animals suffering from diabetes. Though no official tests have been conducted on humans.
  • If a person has performed heavy physical activity or is suffering from arthritis, having ginger root paste rubbed on the joints is known to ease the inflammation of the joints and provide a soothing effect to the muscles.
It's advised that pregnant women should first consult their doctor before taking ginger root orally. Also remember to take ginger in small amounts which is not more than 4g per day. Make sure you don't take ginger root with other herbs and medication as side effects can occur.