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Vinpocetine Benefits

Snehal Motkar
Vinpocetine is a nutraceutical (a health-promoting nutrient) extract derived from a substance called vincamine, which is a constituent found in the common periwinkle plant. It is scientifically known as Vinca minor or lesser periwinkle. It has several health benefits which are discussed in the following information.
Vinpocetine can be consumed alone or in combination with other ingredients like vitamin C, to strengthen its bioavailability. It is known to improve neuronal plasticity, hence it can also be combined with choline or choline derivatives to boost neuron transmission.
Roughly speaking, there are three kinds of people who can benefit from vinpocetine, (i) elderly people who have severe problems of memory loss, though not the best option as cognition deterioration is normally more advanced at this age, (ii) the baby boomer (born in the 1950s in Anglo-Saxon countries).
These people are active but with passing age, experience loss of memory, and (iii) youngsters who want to enhance their memory to obtain good grades in exams. However, the third type of vinpocetine users do not approach health care consultants for the treatment of memory loss because they do not suffer from memory loss as such in their age. Instead, they might just ask for something like a memory booster only during examination period.

Benefits of Vinpocetine

Improves Short-term and Long-term Memory
The main purpose of vinpocetine is to enhance memory and cognition. It also improves awareness and alertness. People who suffer short as well as long-term memory loss can benefit from vinpocetine.
What does vinpocetine exactly do to overcome memory loss? Well, it increases dilation of blood vessels, promotes blood circulation in the brain, and improves oxygen usage.
Anti-inflammatory Properties
Usually, lung inflammation is treated using steroids, which can bring in risky side-effects. However, vinpocetine has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in lowering lung inflammation. It has also been prescribed for treating rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation-causing problems.
Treats Hair loss
Since vinpocetine is a natural cerebral vasodilator, it can be highly effective for treating hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss since a very long time, you should begin using vinpocetine. It can offer better protection to your hair without any side-effects unlike other chemical treatments.
Treats Vertigo and Hearing Impairment
Vertigo is a kind of motion sickness where you get the feeling that your surroundings are spinning and you are about to fall. Sometimes these symptoms pass quickly while in some cases they persist for long causing a lot of distress to the sufferer.
It is often caused by labyrinthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear. It normally disappears in about a week or so, however it can also last for a month or more. Vinpocetine can prove to be the best medicine to treat vertigo and hearing impairments related to auditory sensory nerves as well as some other ear diseases.
Improves Cognition
Again, as vinpocetine is excellent in blood circulation in the brain, it makes a great contribution in improving the cognitive function, especially for people in advanced age groups. It enhances neuronal plasticity which has been reported to be a spatial memory booster in animal models while improving cognitive performance in human beings.

Vinpocetine Dosage

Although vinpocetine is the best medicine for boosting memory and concentration, it should always be consumed after doctor's consultation and in correct dosage. It is recommended to consume vinpocetine more than once daily however, some people may be sensitive to such a dose. Hence they can start with half a capsule once daily.
Furthermore, it is better to consume a 5mg vinpocetine pill for the first time and look for any allergic reactions by your body or other negative responses. By doing this you can prevent possible side-effects of vinpocetine. Then you can move on to 10 mg dosage once you are familiar with 5mg dosage.

Side-effects of Vinpocetine

The benefits of vinpocetine are so high that they completely outweigh the minor side-effects caused by it. However, possible side-effects observed in trials and mentioned by experts may include:
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • indigestion
  • facial flushing
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • dry mouth
  • headache
It may also cause a temporary drop in blood pressure however, all these side-effects occurred infrequently during the trials (although none of the trials were long-term). As far as pregnant or nursing women are concerned, safety of vinpocetine is not yet evaluated.
As a last piece of advice, if you are having any kind of surgery in the near future, the intake of vinpocetine should be stopped several weeks before the surgery and should be resumed only with doctor's permission.