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Uses of Helichrysum Oil

Urvashi Pokharna
Don't you just wish there was a one-stop cure for all your skin and body problems? Something that would work quickly and relieve you off the pain.
Derived from the flowers of Helichrysum Italicum, helichrysum oil originates from Italy and is believed to have therapeutic properties. The plant belongs to the largest family of angiosperms, 'Asteraceae', that consists of around 600 species of helichrysum.
The term 'Helichrysum' is a combination of two Greek words 'helisso' and 'chrysos'. Together, they literally mean to turn into gold. Out of all the species of the genus Helichrysum, only Helichrysum Italicum plant is useful for extracting the essential oil.
In ancient times, the Greeks used this oil to heal soldiers wounded in battles. Although the essential oil is lesser known in other parts of the world in modern times, it has reportedly been popularly in use all over Europe as an effective cure for several medical ailments. The oil is also known as the 'Immortelle' or the Everlasting oil.
It has incredible healing properties. Helichrysum essential oil has a very piquant fragrance. It is a combination of fresh, fruity and woody scents with a base of tea and honey. The color of the oil can be pale yellowish-orange or red and its consistency resembles that of water.

Benefits of Helichrysum Oil


This oil works like a charm on skin that is suffering from rosacea and is extremely delicate. Gently massage the skin with the essential oil. You will see results within a week. Do continue with the treatment for several weeks.


It can be absolutely repulsive when your skin is inflamed with eczema and there is a grand event that you need to attend. But the good news is, this highly credible oil can get your skin back to normal within 3 days of regular application.


If you got an ugly bruise from an accident, you need not worry about scarring anymore. Helichrysum essential oil not only heals wounds of any kind, it also fades away the scars quickly. Old scars may take up to 3 months to completely vanish.

Myalgia or Muscular Pain

lt is excellent for muscle pain in any part of your body - calves, thighs, back, neck and others. It contains spasmolytic esters that provide immense relief and relax muscle tissues.


Either you are suffering from arthritis, or you surely know someone who is looking for a cure. Many people swear by what this oil can do for joint pain. It is touted that the oil reduces the pain and swelling significantly. I would say, why not give it a try!

Dark Under Eye Circles

One of the unknown uses of this miracle oil is that it fades away dark circles. However, since the skin around the eye is thin and sensitive, use a carrier oil to mix and apply this essential oil.


Due to its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, helichrysum oil heals acne and prevents the formation of scars. In fact, it will also heal your old scars. Since you have already spent many dollars trying to get rid of the blemishes and damaging your skin further in the process, I suggest you give a shot to this natural remedy.


The healing properties of the oil is not just restricted to eczema. It is proven effective to subside the itching and inflammation caused by psoriasis. Massage twice a day with a mixture of helichrysum, almond and rose geranium oil on cleansed skin.

Varicose Veins

Weight gain is often accompanied by varicose veins. This essential oil improves and regulates the circulatory system and, hence, prevents blood clotting. This is extremely helpful in the case of varicose veins that are caused by blood clogging in the nerves. The oil is also useful in the treatment of other venous disorders such as arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.

Pain Relief

This oil is a boon to athletes and sportsmen. Due to its analgesic properties, helichrysum helps provide quick pain relief from sprains and other physical injuries. The components found in it help numb the pain. This is true in case of both muscle and joint pain.

Gum Inflammation

You can now get rid of painful gums, by rubbing a concoction of a drop of helichrysum essential oil in some witch hazel on the affected area.


To treat asthma, add a few drops of oil to boiling water and inhale the vapors or directly massage your chest with the oil. It clears the mucus settled in the respiratory system and helps breathe without any problems. Thus, this method is also beneficial to cure bronchitis, cough and common cold.

Other Advantages

Since the nervous system is directly connected with the brain, inhaling vapors of this oil can help cure stress, depression, hypertension and neuralgia. The oil is a vital ingredient of high-end aroma therapies and is known to improve blood circulation. It also dilutes blood and acts as an anti-coagulant to unclog arteries. This makes it an extremely favorable treatment for heart patients.
The oil also helps detoxify the body and cure liver and digestive ailments. To achieve this, massage your feet with the oil twice a day regularly. Apply in concentrated form to heal burns. It also treats all types of allergies.
You would be surprised to know, but you can use the oil to get rid of cats from your lawn. Mix a few drops in water and spray all around or plant a Helichrysum Italicum tree in your garden. It is very easy to maintain and produces tiny yellow flowers.
This oil is truly a blessing from heaven to treat many skin conditions. After reading all the uses, I am sure you already excited to lay hands on your bottle. This oil is available at all herbal and Ayurvedic stores or you can buy it online. The oil is generally available in 5% or 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO). A good quality oil is the one that is distilled within 24 hours of picking the flowers. It is also available in the form of lotions, toners and natural soaps. Add some helichrysum oil to your bath water and feel immediately re-vitalized.
However, be careful with the use of the oil, as it may be too strong for your skin, especially children below 12 years. You may use it in a diluted form by blending it with other essential oils like lavender and rose hip seed or adding it to your daily moisturizing lotion. Its ability to regenerate tissues makes it ideal for skin problems. It helps keep wrinkles at bay and make your skin look young and nourished.
Results of healing with the use of helichrysum oil may vary depending on the skin. Remember, since helichrysum essential oil causes blood thinning and prevents blood clotting, it is not suitable for people suffering from HIV/AIDS or those with a low immunity power.