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Uses of Agarwood Essential Oil

Nicks J
The aroma of agarwood oil is believed to relax the mind, provide emotional stability, and relieve anxiety and depression. Its application also helps to get rid of muscle fatigue and joint pain. Find out more about this essential oil from this story.

Did You Know?

Considered to be of significant religious importance, agarwood essential oil formed an integral part of religious practices and rites of major ancient civilizations around the globe.
Agarwood essential oil is easy to use, but buying it is certainly not that easy as it is quite expensive. However, this pricey essential oil is one of the most revered essential oils owing to its numerous uses. The essential oil is derived from Aquilaria.
A genus constituted by rare and threatened species of trees that are cultivated mostly in certain parts of China and Southeast Asia. Fungus overgrowth in these trees lead to the formation of agarwood, a dark resinous wood, from where the aromatic essential oil is extracted by the process of distillation.

Used in Perfumery

In many countries of Southeast Asia and in Japan, the all-pervasive sweet, woody aroma of this essential oil is what makes it one of the most sought-after ingredients by various perfume manufacturers all over the world.

Relieves Respiratory Problems

This essential oil is quite potent when it comes to easing respiratory disorders, such as asthma and bronchitis. It is believed to be anti-asthmatic, which helps treat asthma attacks.

Relieves Digestion Problems

This essential oil is believed to be a flatus-relieving oil, which means that it prevents gas buildup in the intestine. So, usage of this essential oil may help release gas and combat bloating that commonly occurs after a heavy meal. Its ability to promote expulsion of gas from the intestine helps to mitigate digestion problems effectively.

Promotes Mental Health

This essential oil can also be helpful in promoting emotional and mental well-being. The aroma of this oil has a positive impact on the mind, promoting emotional healing. The deep emotional impact after inhaling the aroma of this essential oil can help to calm the mind as well as overcome negative emotions. Emotional disturbances that lead to anxiety and depression can effectively be treated with this essential oil.

Relieves Pain

This oil alleviates physical discomfort caused by muscle fatigue, aches, spasms, and joint pain. Massaging it on painful sites can help relieve sore and achy muscles. It acts as a natural muscle relaxant, hence its application can help relieve body pain.

Improves Dermatological Health

A skin care routine that involves usage of agarwood essential oil is actually quite effective in combating various skin problems, leaving one with a clear complexion and better skin. No wonder, it is an active ingredient of luxury skin care cream brands.

Improves Libido

People suffering from sexual dysfunction may benefit by using this essential oil. Believed to be a libido enhancer, it may help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Other Medicinal Uses

Chinese herbal remedies advocate the usage of this oil for the treatment of liver disorders, such as cirrhosis. The essential oil is thought to have anticonvulsant properties, which may help treat epilepsy.
It is believed that agarwood oil played a crucial role in clearing the mind and thus facilitating the achievement of spiritual enlightenment of Indian sages. Even today, the Japanese shamans use this oil to perform mystical rituals in order to alleviate individual suffering.
The US FDA does not endorse the benefits of agarwood essential oil. Hence, its usage is not advocated without consulting a doctor.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.