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Unexpected Tips to Getting Rid of Nausea

How to prevent feeling nauseated with these unconventional methods.
Mia Morales
Nausea is one of those symptoms that spares no one. People of all ages have experienced nausea at least once in their life for a variety of different reasons.
Whether it’s pregnancy, a health concerns, or a long car ride, being nauseated can make you feel helpless and exhausted. Luckily, there are some natural and cost-effective ways to beat nauseous feelings.


One of the most popular home remedies for occasional nausea is ginger. The abilities of ginger have long been studied. This miracle root can be found in health stores, grocery stores, and online and can be taken in many different forms. You can chew on a small piece of fresh or opt for the sweeter candied ginger instead.
You can also drink ginger tea from in it’s fresh or powdered form for a comforting form of relief. For a more concentrated product, invest in some ginger oil. The oil can be ingested or inhaled, depending on the need.

Deep Breathing

The way we breathe can have a drastic effect on our health and well-being. Taking deep breaths can help reduce queasiness and alleviate any feelings of restlessness that comes with feeling unwell.
Slow and controlled breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous systems which are responsible for relaxation, digestion, and energy conservation.
When that nauseous feeling strikes, try to take get some rest, de-stress, and take long, full breaths in and out of your nose. Looking up different breath techniques from yoga and meditation websites can also keep you feeling better.

Cold Water

Another easy way to relieve occasional nausea is by slowly sipping a glass of ice water. This powerful therapeutic aid is not only easily accessible but is also virtually free. Ice and cold water can also help prevent dehydration. Don’t like plain water?
Try infusing it with some lemon or peppermint for an extra nausea-busting boost. While this method works for most people, you may not want to try this option is if you have sensitive dental work or your body is experiencing lower temperatures.

Baking Soda

From toothpaste to odor control, baking soda has many household uses. As unexpected as it may be, drinking a half-teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 4 ounces of water is a quick way to help with nausea. Baking soda gets its power to help with nauseous feelings from its low pH and alkalinity.
When ingested, baking soda can alter the pH level of the acid in your stomach that triggers that queasy feeling. Be sure to check with your medical provider before trying this remedy as baking soda can reduce the absorption of other medications and is not recommended for younger children.


If you’ve been avoiding acupuncture out of fear of needles, you can still reap the benefits by using acupressure. Applying pressure to different parts of the body can stimulate healing. If you’re experiencing nausea, putting some mild pressure on the inside of your wrist can help.
This pressure point called Nei Guan or Pericardium 6, is found in between the two tendons on your inner wrist about three fingers’ widths below your wrist crease. Massage this area using small circles a few times a day or purchase a motion sickness bracelet that applies constant, gentle pressure to this acupressure point when being worn.
Following these guidelines can help stop pesky and merciless feelings of nausea in its tracks. Experiment with different methods as the type and cause can vary from person to person and you may respond to each remedy differently.
While most is temporary and not cause for serious concern, it can still lead to vomiting and dehydration or be a sign of more serious health issues. If your nausea is unrelenting or accompanied by concerning symptoms, always get in contact with your medical care provider.