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Unakite and its Most Effective Healing Properties

Narayani Karthik
Unakite, a gemstone, is best known for its metaphysical properties. There are a number of known healing properties of this stone, one of them being balancing emotions. Apart from this, unakite also finds a prominent place in lapidary art.
Unakite is a gemstone famous for its supposed healing properties. The name of the stone originated from the Greek word 'epidosis'. The meaning of unakite implies growing together.
Though it is found in many places, it was first spotted in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina in the USA (after which it has been named). The healing properties of this stone include calmness and positivity. Unakite is believed to be associated with the heart.


Unakite is an emended version of granite, feldspar, green epidote and pink orthoclase. It has a specific gravity ranging between 2.55 - 2.85 and a hardness of 6 - 7 on the Mohs scale, and bears a monoclinic crystal system.
This opaque gemstone is also referred to as epidotised granite and is commonly found in South Africa, China, USA and Brazil. Its astrological sign is Scorpio and number vibration is 9. The healing properties of unakite are supposed to have an affirmative effect on fertility.

Metaphysical Properties

▶ This gemstone emits an aura of soothing energy and is believed to enhance personal growth of living beings both physically and emotionally. Apart from its attractive looks, it is best known for its metaphysical attributes which have been a popular case of study in the recent times.
▶ Unakite is believed to create an atmosphere of serenity and optimism, and strengthen the spiritual and emotional aspects of self, thereby aiding in garnering focus.

▶ Unakite enhances the working of the nervous and circulatory systems of our body.

▶ Due to its positive effects, Unakite is highly recommended for women during pregnancy.
▶ The healing properties of Unakite also contribute towards mitigating negative energies that are high in cases of low self-esteem, trauma, deception, and depression.

▶ Unakite helps in destroying the mental and emotional blockages in people who bottle up their emotions and fail to express them.
▶ In some cases where people suffer from weight loss, Unakite's healing properties tend to facilitate gain in weight and also assist in growth of hair and skin tissue.

▶ In children, Unakite has a positive influence and alleviates the physical and psychological growth factors in them.
▶ The harmful smog created by electromagnetic radiations emitted by devices like television sets, computers and monitors is said to be extenuated by the healing properties of Unakite.

▶ Unakite is a lucky charm for couples as it symbolizes love.
▶ On the spiritual front, Unakite's healing properties are believed to pave the way for psychic visions.

▶ In the gardens, Unakite is placed as a cluster to channel the positive energies and aid in the healthy growth of plants. Hence, this stone is every gardener's favorite.
Apart from promoting health and spiritual growth, Unakite also finds a conspicuous place in the making of jewelry due to its enticing color combinations of pink and green. It is used in making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, amulets, beads and paperweights.
Gemstones are a gift from nature. Until they were discovered, they were not valued. Unakite's healing properties also have a great scope in curing elusive forms of illness. This stone is believed to help people in getting rid of their past baggage and guiding them in making their present lively. This gemstone enhances concentration at work and in meditation.