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Effective Ways of Treating Burns on Fingers

Burn is damage or injury to the skin caused due to fire or certain chemicals. We have thrown some light on the methods used to treat burns on fingers.
Madhura Pandit
Burns can be caused due to a various reasons like fire, hot liquid, chemicals, electricity or touching heated objects. They can be categorized into first, second, and third degree burns.
First degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin, while second degree burns affect the outer and the underlying layer of the skin. In case of third degree, burns reach the deeper tissues and result in charring of skin. Third degree burns can be dangerous and life-threatening. It is necessary to treat burning or scalding to avoid serious complications.

Home Remedies

The following remedies are to be followed only in minor cases. In severe cases, consult the doctor. Do not attempt to treat burns at home.
Burns on hands and fingers are usually caused if you accidentally touch any hot object or boiling water. Before any rescuer begins treating burns, he should follow safety precautions to avoid getting burnt himself.
  • The first thing to remember is to stop the burning process by holding fingers under cool (not cold) water. Hold fingers under running tap water or soak them in water in order to reduce the heat. Treating burns with ice should be completely avoided.
  • After soaking fingers in water, separate them, and cover them with clean and sterile bandages or dressing.
  • Reassure and calm the person. Use painkillers to relieve pain and swelling. It is not recommended to give painkillers to children.
  • Once the skin has been cooled completely, you can apply moisturizer or other burn ointment.
  • For treating burns from hot water, you can follow the same process, but, need to keep the burnt area elevated to reduce swelling.
The method of treating burns in children and adults is similar. Burn can be a sign of abuse in children. Therefore, if the pattern of burn does not fit to the situation or incidence, there can be a possibility of child abuse, which needs to be explored.


  • Do not use ice, butter, oil, or any other home remedy for treating burns. It is also not recommended to blow on the burn.
  • While treating burns, blisters should not be pierced as it can cause infection.
  • If you find the skin completely blistered or charred (blackened), you should look for emergency medical help as this can be a second or third degree burn.
  • First degree burns heal naturally without any further treatment. If the burn spreads on more than 2 - 3 inches in area, look for emergency help or consult the doctor immediately.
  • Similarly, symptoms like swelling, pain, or infection should be immediately reported to the doctor.


  • Remember to follow all safety rules when you are using any electrical equipment, oven, or heater.
  • Children should be kept away from heaters, stoves, fireworks, electrical cords, etc.
  • Temperature of the water heater should be set at 120 degrees or less.
Treating burns immediately is necessary in order to minimize the damage and pain. Prevention is very important, and hence, you should be careful while handling any sources that can cause burns. As we all know, prevention is always better than cure.
Disclaimer: This is meant only to provide information. If you are unaware about the cause of burn or if the symptoms appear severe, it is recommended to consult the doctor immediately for proper treatment.