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Traditional and Modern Birthstones

Saptakee Sengupta
According to gemology, each month has a designated birthstone. While some believers follow the traditional birthstone associated with their zodiac, others prefer the modern birthstones more.
Traditional birthstones, also known as 'older society-based birthstones', were designed by jewelers who put forth their own ideologies behind wearing them. Their views were improvised and a more standardized version was adopted by Jewelers of America in the year 1912.
The list presented by them came to be known as modern birthstones and it is currently followed almost throughout the world. However, choice of modern or traditional birthstones is a matter of personal opinion, faith and belief.

Traditional and Modern Birthstones by Month

Once you know your birthstone, you can consult a renowned astrologer and choose one for yourself. You have to follow the rules religiously that are specific to each stone while wearing it on your body to get maximum benefits from the stone.


Traditional Birthstone: Garnet
Modern Birthstone: Garnet
The birthstone of Capricorn is garnet. This stone is believed to bring success and prosperity in business and capable of curing depression when kept in contact with the body. It's also believed that Garnet increases love, passion and physical desires. Garnet comes in a variety of colors that range from yellow, green, orange, brown or it could be colorless.


Traditional Birthstone: Amethyst
Modern Birthstone: Amethyst
This purple stone is sterling and attractive. It's a stone of spiritual healing and people have been wearing it for its protective properties. It's used for curing insomnia and getting rid of fearful feelings. It's the birthstone of the Aquarius zodiac sign and is associated with good virtues in an individual that relate to sincerity, humility, and wisdom.


Traditional Birthstone: Bloodstone
Modern Birthstone: Aquamarine
Bloodstone, or the stone of Aries, is green in color and it contains red spots on it. Bloodstone is popular for its healing properties and it helps in improving blood circulation. The modern birthstone or aquamarine has similar properties and it is also believed to bring about peace and tranquility in life.


Traditional Birthstone: Diamond
Modern Birthstone: Diamond
This precious stone is shared by Taurus and is ruled by the planet Venus. The metaphysical properties of diamond is used in crystal healing therapy. The sparkle and brilliance of diamond is intensely attractive that also symbolizes pure love and faith. It is believed to manifest abundance in terms of creativity, endurance, beauty, and purity.


Traditional Birthstone: Emerald
Modern Birthstone: Emerald
It brings contentment and success in a relationship. People undergoing mental disharmony and instability in relationships are often suggested to wear emerald by astrologers. It's also a healing stone, capable of improving the conditions of lung, heart and muscular disease. The bright green beautiful stone also symbolizes progression in life.


Traditional Birthstone: Alexandrite
Modern Birthstone: Pearl and Moonstone
The combination of these suit individuals born in June or who belong to the zodiac sign Gemini or Cancer. You will find moonstones and pearls embedded in bridal jewelry because they signify love and purity. Alexandrite and moonstone are associated with bringing good luck and fortune. It also helps in reunion of two individuals who have fallen apart.


Traditional Birthstone: Ruby
Modern Birthstone: Ruby
One of the most powerful birthstones is ruby. It has a strong connection with blood circulation and it helps in cleansing blood. Usually red ruby is much preferred over other colors. The stone symbolizes passionate love and it helps a person to explore his potentials. People who are Cancerians mostly wear ruby. The stone also symbolizes royalty and vitality.


Traditional Birthstone: Sardonyx
Modern Birthstone: Peridot and Sapphire
Those born in the month of August can adorn themselves with any of these stones as their properties and functions are almost similar. Mostly they are used as protection grid against evil powers. Peridot is a sacred stone and is usually gifted during ceremonies. It symbolizes love and admiration while sapphire is associated with success, knowledge and wisdom.


Traditional Birthstone: Sapphire
Modern Birthstone: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli has healing properties and it helps in internal detoxification of the body. A combination of sapphire and lapis lazuli works wonders for people born in the month of September.
Wearers of blue sapphires are faithful, caring and affectionate. These two stones are also known to improve financial stability and health conditions.


Traditional Birthstone: Tourmaline
Modern Birthstone: Opal
While peace of mind is associated with pink tourmaline, black tourmaline is known for healing properties. You can wear tourmaline if you are suffering from intestinal problems. Opal comes in different tones, with various properties. Opal is called 'stone of hope and achievement'. It is given to a person to improve communication skills and soothe emotions.


Traditional Birthstone: Citrine
Modern Birthstone: Yellow Topaz
Yellow topaz is capable of purifying emotions, energy, actions and thoughts while citrine protects an individual from negative energy and clarifies one's thought process. Citrine acts like a cure for digestive problems and depression. If either of these stones suit you, then it would definitely endow their qualities on you.


Traditional Birthstone: Zircon and Turquoise
Modern Birthstone: Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli
Blue topaz or modern birthstone of December, symbolizes faithfulness and eternal love. The stone is believed to bring relief from insomnia and it also curbs intense physical passion and desires.
Zircon and lapis lazuli brings harmony in relationships and it also energizes an individual. It fortifies nerves and offers relief from stress and depression.
Birthstones are also given according to the ruling planets and zodiacs to which an individual belongs. Wearing any kind of stone should be strictly guided by an astrologer because if the stone doesn't suit you, it might cause reverse effects on your health.