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Top 5 Pink Gemstones to Choose From as a Gift to Loved Ones

Emil Sipos
Choosing the right pink gemstone can be a tricky process considering that you have more than 20 different gems to choose from. All of them come in pink color but some are natural gemstones while some are artificial or heat treated. I have picked the 5 most beautiful pink gemstones and now I want to share them with you!

Pink Diamond

This is the second most rare diamond color. Pink Diamonds are mined in Australia and can cost around $100.000 per carat.
Their color is still a mystery - it is speculated that it comes from high pressure rather than impurities inside a gemstone. The most valuable pink diamonds are those with vivid and most intense color.

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphires are probably the most popular sapphire color in the market today. They are pretty rare and come often in a bright pink color.
They are very durable which makes them an amazing gemstone for making jewelry. Compared to diamonds, they are much more affordable and a great substitution for them.

Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline gemstone comes in many different color, varieties and hues. Since pink tourmaline gems are easy to find they are often used for making jewelry.
This stone is pretty affordable and their price mainly depends on color intensity. It is a fairly durable gemstone that can be scratched so a bit of attention is needed in order for pink tourmaline to last.

Pink Topaz

Although Topaz gemstone is not that expensive, pink Topaz gems are pretty rare and not commonly found in nature. Because of that, most of the pink topaz stones are actually treated by heating low-quality specimens.
This heating process turns them into a much more desirable colored gemstone. It is a very durable gemstone that is suitable for daily wearing.

Pink Zircon

Zircon is often mistaken for Cubic Zirconia that is used as a diamond substitute. As a matter of fact, Zircon is a beautiful gemstone with brilliance comparable to diamonds for sure.
Zircon can be found in many different colors and pink gems are one of the most desirable. This gemstone is pretty durable but prone to breaking and chipping.