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Health Benefits of Titanium Bracelets

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Titanium bracelet is an upcoming trend, which is gaining enormous popularity amongst masses due to its much touted health benefits. To get an idea of what could be the role of titanium in human health, read on.
In the field of alternative medicine, medical alert jewelry is not a new concept. The main purpose of these medical alert devices is to alert the user of a possible medical problem. The advantages of these devices can increase manifold, if they are made from titanium. Magnetic stainless titanium bracelets are a latest invention in the field of alternative medicine. Their benefits are myriad, which make them a favorite for medical alert devices.

Titanium Metaphysical Properties and Health Benefits

Increased Oxygen Supply

Titanium has a property to attract and capture oxygen, and transfer it to the body. Oxygen is known to relieve pain and inflammation of the body. Thus, wearing titanium bracelets near the inflamed areas helps reduce inflammation, by directing oxygen supply to that area. This is the reason, why arthritis patients with inflamed wrists benefit the most from titanium bracelets. They are also useful for sports persons, especially tennis players for the same reason.

Electric Neutralization

Magnetic stainless titanium bracelets are known to possess a positive charge. In alternative medicine, pain is considered to have a negative charge. Thus, according to the fundamentals of science, positive charge and negative charge nullify each other. Thus, titanium bracelets relieve pain by neutralizing the electric field.

Body Compatibility

Titanium is a metal, which shows highest compatibility with the human body. This is the reason why most medical devices, that are to be fitted inside the body are made of titanium. The possibility of rejection of the device by the body is minimum in case of titanium. This metal is also least likely to induce allergies or infections. Hence, it is also used for body piercing. Thus, titanium bracelets can be worn for years without bothering about any skin rashes or infections.


The high durability of titanium makes it less vulnerable to any kind of physical damage. It can withstand very high temperatures, and can also tolerate salt water. It does not get affected due to rough handling or any kind of abuse. It is also less corrosive as compared to iron based alloys. Moreover, it does not bend easily, thus it can be worn without any fear of corrosion or physical damage.

Pain Killer

Titanium is considered as a cure for carpal tunnel syndrome, since it acts as a pain killer. It has two working mechanisms, by which it relieves pain. First is, it stimulates the nerves in the affected region to promote healing. The second theory is that, the magnetic properties of titanium attract the blood cells, which are rich in iron, towards the affected body part. Thus, the increased blood flow results in better healing and quick relief from pain.
With all these health benefits of titanium bracelets, you sure can't resist yourself from buying one. Your gender and the type of clasp are the main things to look out for, while buying these bracelets. Titanium bracelets for women are a bit delicate, with intricate designs, while those for men are chunkier, and have an armored appearance. You can also have them made in gems and stones, if you wish to add flair to it or flaunt it as a fashion accessory. Either way, you'll benefit a great deal from titanium bracelets.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.