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The Prismatic Crystal: The Meaning, History, and Uses of Clear Quartz

Buzzle Staff
Known as the master healer, Clear quartz activates the energy flow throughout the body helping it cure multiple ailments. Its colorless appearance makes it a pure crystal which dispels every negative emotions around.
Clear quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found throughout the world. Ancient cultures have used it to bedeck religious pieces as well as jewelry. Its lack of color and transparent quality made our ancestors believe that it was an instrument which can be used for purification. This was why it was so often used in the traditional religious practices and burial rites.
Found on every continent on the planet, Clear quartz has been used to create jewelry and even used as vessels to worship the ancient spirits. It was believed that the stone contained healing powers as well as a way to purify the spirit, body, and mind. The etymology of quartz can be traced back to the German words quarz and zwarc, which are believed to be influenced by West Slavic sources as seen in the Polish and Czech words for quartz—twardy and tvrdy.

Clear Quartz Highlights

  • Clear quartz forms from cooling magma as it gets pushed towards the surface.
  • The main element that forms Clear quartz is silica.
  • Clear quartz can be found on every continent in the world.
  • The ancients believed that they were vessels that contained the spirits of the ancients.
  • Ancient Romans believed that it was fossilized ice.
  • The Romans used Clear quartz as a way to keep them cool during hot months.
  • The ancient Egyptians used it in talismans and often buried it with their dead.
  • Its clear hue allows it to balance and harmonize with all seven chakras.
  • It is believed that it helps one overcome life setbacks and dispel negativity.
  • Clear quartz is best suited for activating the Crown (7th) Chakra. 

The Formation and Mining of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz forms in rock during the process in which magma cools. These masses of magma, called plutons, being less dense than the surrounding rock move towards the surface.
With the magma cooling, it begins to crystallize. The fluid magma that is on the edge of the plutons tends to be rich in other elements, and squeeze into fractures in the surrounding rock forming pegmatites. It can also form in silica-rich molten rock as it cools, and in watery solutions that have a presence of silica.

Clear Quartz Throughout History

Beliefs of Ancient Egyptians and Romans

The ancient Egyptians used Clear quartz in the form of talismans, often burying them with their dead for the afterlife. The Romans believed that it was fossilized ice.
This can explain the etymology of the word crystal, from the Greek word krystallos which comes from kryos for “frost.” They would often carry crystal spheres or wear rings during the hot months to help keep them cool. Other cultures, ranging from the Aztecs to Native American Indians to the Scots all prized clear quartz.

Uses and Benefits of Clear Quartz

Helps in Spiritual Healing

Clear quartz is often seen as a conduit that enhances one’s connection with the spiritual world. This makes it an ideal stone to help one with spiritual healing.
It can support one’s connection with the Divine, allowing one to reach a balance with their spirit. Furthermore, it can help one have greater spiritual connections with animals and other earthly bodies. To gain the spiritual benefit of clear quartz it can be worn in the form of earrings or on a necklace.

Relieves Physical Ailments

Its lack of color makes it a pure crystal that enables one to dispel negative ailments.
Physical illnesses can be fought with clear quartz since it helps improve the immune system and enhance the energy flow throughout the body. It is also known to ease body ailments related to organs. You can use a clear quartz elixir to help combat these physical ailments or soak in a bath that has clear quartz in it.

Aids in Emotional Cleansing

The Clear quartz crystal is a powerful dispeller and cleanser of negative feelings. Emotionally, it can help one gain clarity to understand a particular situation.
By blocking out and dispelling any negativity that you may currently suffer from, it will open you up to a heightened ability to laugh, love, and live without negative thoughts. To achieve this, you can carry a clear quartz tumble stone, wear it in the form of jewelry, or carry the crystal itself.

Activates the 7th Chakra

Its clear hue gives it the ability to harmonize with the entire spectrum of colors, balancing the energy that flows through all chakras.
However, using clear quartz on the Crown (7th) chakra enables one to promote positive spiritual waves to vibrate outward from this chakra, influencing how they interact with people around them. To gain the benefit of clear quartz, you can place it on the 7th chakra while meditating
Disclaimer: The information provided here is for entertainment and reference purposes only. It is based on centuries of folklore, most of which came about before the age of modern medicine. It is not meant as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.