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The Benefits of Wearing a Fertility Bracelet

The use of crystals for healing has been traced back to the ancient Sumarians which is around 4500 years BC.

All Crystals Are Living Beings and Hold a Tiny Electrical Charge

Based on their colour, where they come from, and their shape, the vibrations of the crystal have different healing properties, and when mixed with your Aura, resonate with your own similar properties.

The Crystal's Frequency Tunes Into The Same Frequency In The Aura

For example, in this case, hormone balancing frequencies from Moonstone and Carnelian, tune into the reproductive hormone frequencies in the sacral or 2nd chakra, which is responsible for fertility, clearing any blockages and amplifying its energy.

Cleared Chakras Allow For More Vital Life Energy To Flow Through The Body

While the loving energies from Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase release negative energies such as self-doubt, and self-blame that may be blocking the heart chakra.
When vital life energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the body, optimum well being is achieved.
Fertility Bracelets

Crystals That Are Known To Help Promote Fertility

Smoky Quartz balances sexual energy

Carnelian heals reproductive system

Chrysoprase helps stimulate fertility by releasing self-doubt and self-blame
Rose Quartz  stimulates fertility, fills the body with loving energy

Moonstone balances hormone cycles

Tiger Eye stimulates reproductive system

Hematite improves circulation to the reproductive organs