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The Benefits of Palo Santo

A botanical treasure of the South American coastal countries, the status of Palo Santo is sacred and its benefits numerous.
Jyoti Babel
Native to the South American coastal region, Palo Santo is touted to be among the most aromatic woods in the world. Belonging to the citrus family, its fragrance has notes of lemon, pine, and mint.
Palo Santo wood is regarded as a potent tool for sacred rites and energy cleansing rituals and has been used by the Incas, Shamans and other South American indigenous communities for ages.
Did You Know?
In Spanish, the name Palo Santo literally translates to ‘Holy Wood’ or ‘Woods of the Saints’. The tree has a sacred status and is protected by the law. It is believed that the wood of Palo Santo is useful only if the tree dies of natural causes.

An Instrument of Purification and Energy Cleansing

The smoke produced by burning Palo Santo sticks is said to have spiritually purifying and cleansing properties. It is used in ceremonial rituals to cleanse the aura of participants and ward off evil energies.
Typically Palo Santo sticks are burnt and the smoke is allowed to fill the room; its fragrance is said to help people connect deeper into their divine consciousness. The smoke is also used for cleansing and renewal of crystals.

Induces Relaxation

The fragrance of Palo Santo wood induces relaxation. It is widely used as an anti-anxiety aid and can help in dealing with sleep problems, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Harbinger of Creativity and Good Fortune

The aroma of Palo Santo brings clarity to one’s mind. It enhances one’s creative abilities and brings in the feelings of joy and positivity, thus opening doors for good fortune.

Aids in Fighting Signs of Aging

The ingredients in Palo Santo essential oil can help fight wrinkles and aging skin by inhibiting the enzyme elastase. Elastase is responsible for the breakdown of elastin in our skin, which leads to sagging skin. The antioxidants in the Palo Santo oil also help in stimulating the growth of new cells and aids in fighting other signs of aging.

Aids Physical Healing

Palo Santo is said to bring relief to a number of physical ailments like the common cold, asthma, flu, headache, arthritis, etc. Palo Santo tea prepared by adding pieces of wood in boiling water is a good remedy for cold and flu and is also a natural digestive aid.
The Palo Santo essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in treating joint pain and is also used in aromatherapies to treat stress and anxiety. A rich source of antioxidants concentrated Palo Santo oil helps to fight free radical damage and can be used as an aid in cancer treatment.

A Natural Insect Repellent and Household Cleaner

The smoke of lit Palo Santo wood is a natural and non-harmful way of keeping insects and mosquitoes at bay. The Palo Santo essential oil boasts of anti-bacterial properties and hence it makes for a great addition to the household cleaning supplies.
It is interesting to note that a family in Ecuador has planted over 30,000 Palo Santo trees in the last 10 years to make the wild harvesting of the tree ecologically sustainable.