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Complete Guide to Tapping Therapy

Shashank Nakate
Tapping therapy, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is said to manipulate the meridian or specific points of the body to drive out negative energy and bring about positivity. It is said to cure psychological problems. However, its nature as a cure is debatable.
Tapping therapy has been one of the controversial topics of discussion in recent times. There are many supporters of this therapy, while many people doubt its credibility too. This therapy is a relatively new topic of study in the West. Most of them haven't even heard about it.

What is Tapping Therapy?

The tapping therapy or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on the concept of manipulating energy meridians in the body. It is used to cure psychological problems by tapping the acupressure points.
Tapping the specific acupressure points in the body while simultaneously focusing on a traumatic memory/given psychological problem helps cure the condition. Meridian points present all over the body are tapped to provide relief from various health problems.

Weight Loss Treatment

This therapy may also be used to resolve the problem of obesity, wherein the root cause of weight gain is treated. It is said that negative thoughts present in the body obstruct the natural flow of energy. This energy gets trapped in the body which results into weight gain.
Problem of binge eating, which is the main cause of obesity, can be due to a traumatic past, emotional disturbances, stress etc. Patients are first asked to meditate, after which specific places on the body are tapped.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety or panic attacks can be very difficult to deal with. Whenever they occur, they bring along them a series of problems which spiral out of control. This therapy should first be practiced in times when there is no occurrence of attacks. Regular practice makes one ready to apply the tapping technique in event of an attack.
Deep breathing should also be practiced with it. It helps regulate the oxygen flow in the body. Both these measures together help bring the body to a normal state.

The Tapping Points in the therapy are:


The credibility of EFT cannot be provided by means of any scientific evidence. Critics have therefore termed this therapy as pseudoscientific. They have denied any possibility of meridians in the body getting manipulated with this therapy. However, the critics don't deny that people are benefited from the techniques.
The relief attained from the use of this therapy (as per the critics) is based on the traditional components and are nothing more than the placebo effect.
The information about EFT should help understand more about this easy to implement treatment. One should, however, consult an expert in this field to get authentic and relevant information about the use of this therapy.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.