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Tantric Yoga Exercises

Maya Pillai
A Tantric yoga exercise is a great stress buster. This is one of the many forms of yoga practiced in ancient times. Here are a couple of these exercises.
The term yoga means union of mind and body, derived from Sanskrit language. Yoga is more than meditation and it helps in harmonizing one's physical and spiritual body. Yoga is a holistic technique practiced for self-improvement and it is almost five thousand years old.
A female practitioner of yoga is known as yogini and the male practitioner is known as yogi. There are eight forms of yoga and one of the major forms of yoga is the Tantric yoga.
Tantric or Tantra yoga is learned or practiced with the help of a guru called tantrika or Tantric acharya. One of its subset is the attainment of mental and spiritual wisdom in sex. Many of the movements or poses of Tantric yoga are similar to exercises and poses of other forms of yoga.
Yoga guru would guide a student through the various movements of Tantric yoga. Remember, relaxation plays a significant role while performing these varied exercises.

Tantric Yoga Exercises

You could do the Tantric exercises early morning or before going to bed. They also help to stimulate the functions of the respiratory system to keep the various airborne diseases at bay. These exercises are performed for general health and also to enhance sexual abilities.
Today, it is recommended by many doctors as a solution for minor infertility problems. The reason is Tantric yoga, if practiced religiously, would strengthen the muscles around the anal and genital areas.

Exercise I - Breathing Exercise

Tantric yoga breathing exercises are best done early morning when your stomach is empty. Always remember to spread a small carpet or sheet on a flat ground before you start the breathing exercise.
  • Sit with your legs crossed and back straight on the floor. Relax before your start off.
  • Breathe out to empty your lungs. Count four and slowly breathe in.
  • The process of breathing in should take place in two stages. First using your diaphragm, so your stomach is pulled in. In second stage, use your chest muscles so the oxygen flows through shoulder muscles.
  • Hold your breath for 16 seconds before slowly breathing out. You have to count up to 8 while breathing out.
  • Breathing out also should take place in two stages. Initially empty your diaphragm and then relax your chest muscles and the shoulder muscles.
  • Repeat this exercise a couple of times.

Exercise II - To Correct Sexual Disabilities

  • This exercise could be done by anyone who has minor sexual disabilities.
  • Lie on your back and relax for few minutes before your start this exercise. Remember to use a sheet if you are lying on the floor.
  • Slowly breathe out and relax yourself.
  • Swing your hands over your head and back. This would stretch your entire body from head to toe. While swinging your arms, try breathing deeply so as to fill your lungs.
  • Hold your breath for couple of seconds and twitch your anal muscles by pulling the anal opening as inward as possible. However, do not strain your self while twitching your anal muscles.
  • Slowly breath out and relax and loosen your anal muscles. At the same time, swing your arms to-and-fro.
  • Repeat this exercise a couple of times.
Sexuality is only one aspect of Tantric yoga. Remember, it is helpful than other forms of yoga and thus helps in refreshing your body and soul.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.