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Sunstone - Meaning, Properties and Why It Brings Good Luck

Maya Pillai
Sunstone belongs to the feldspar family. It has all the warm hues of the sun. This crystal brings good luck and opportunities in the professional front and is popularly known as workplace crystal.

What Gives Sunstone Its Name

Sunstone has traces of the minerals hematite or goethite. The presence of these minerals gives it a shimmer that resembles the golden rays of the sun.

Its crystals have the warm hues of red, brown, orange, and gold. Since it has speckles of gold color that shimmer, people may confuse this stone with goldstone at times.

Benefits of Sunstone Gemstone

Sunstone helps conquer phobias. Remember, this stone has the energy of the sun. Hence, it helps conquer fear of darkness and loneliness.

It makes the wearer enthusiastic and also motivates him to do a better work. It is believed that it also helps achieve personal as well as professional goals.
Sunstone exudes positive energy. Wearing it brings positivity in your thought process and attitude.

It also brings out the latent talents and leadership qualities in you. This could be the reason why it is called the workplace gem.

Physical Healing Properties

This is an ideal gemstone for those who suffer from rheumatism and back pain.

The warmth generating properties of sunstone help increase the metabolism of the wearer.

Wearing this gem aids in relieving pain in the abdomen area caused by ulcers in the digestive system.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Sunstone helps get rid of evil eyes and blocks any negative energy that is directed towards the wearer by someone. It has amazing protective power.

It refreshes your aura and shoos away negative energy. It is a great cleanser.

It also enhances one's intuition if the wearer is practicing Reiki or Pranic healing.

Emotional Healing Properties

Sunstone gives the wearer the energy to avoid procrastination in working towards the life as well as professional goals.

It helps ease depression and anxiety.

It is believed that placing Sunstone beads under the pillow wards off nightmares and makes dreams become positive.

Is Blue Sunstone a Natural Quartz

Blue sunstone is also known as blue gold stone. It gets the name gold stone because it is synthetic.

This man-made sunstone crystal has flecks of copper in it which give it the sparkle same like the naturally occurring quartz.

Sunstone Jewelry

Sunstone crystals can be worn in form of:
  • rings
  • bracelets
  • chain
  • earrings
Wear this crystal and bring good luck in your profession; and joy and happiness in your personal life!