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Sinus Drainage Remedies

Rajib Singha
One of the annoying symptoms of sinus infection is what is known as sinus drainage. A few home remedies to manage this symptom have been listed here.
Sinus infection causes irritation in the mucus lining of the nose. As a response to this, excess mucus is produced and this causes sinus drainage, which is, otherwise a normal process of the body.
It involves the movement of small amounts of sinus fluid through the sinuses everyday. However, due to infection, as mentioned earlier, the sinuses get inflamed and this is when sinus drainage becomes a problem.

What Causes Sinus Drainage and What are its Accompanying Symptoms?

Whenever the sinus cavity gets irritated due to the invasion of any abnormal substance, more mucus is produced to flood the affected area. This is done to get rid of the impurities and to reduce the inflammation.
Therefore, the condition of sinus drainage can be attributed as one of the many physiological responses of the human body. The fluid that has been produced in excess is drained out through the throat. This is why sinus drainage makes you cough. So what factors irritate the sinus cavity?
They may include changes in temperature, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), allergens such as pollen or dust, and even infections like colds and flu. Symptoms that may accompany include nausea, earache, headache, bad breath and occasional fever. A throbbing pressure in the face is also a prominent symptom.


If a bacterial infection is the cause of nasal drainage, then doctors recommend the use of antibiotics. In case of allergies, antihistamines do the trick and when a viral infection happens to be the causes, nasal decongestants provide a great deal of help.
Perhaps, the most important remedy for sinus drainage is to drink ample amount of water (6-8 glasses everyday). When the body is kept hydrated, the mucus lining remains moist and this helps thinning the excess mucus.
Take frequent sips of hot herbal tea or even black tea with honey. But avoid caffeine. Every morning and before bed time, remember to do a salt water gargle. Even this helps.
Prepare some chicken soup laced with good amount of hot pepper and also one or two kinds of spicy and pungent foods. Such foods help in opening up the sinus passages and improve the condition.
Soak a clean cloth in warm saline water, squeeze out the excess and place it under the eyes and over the nose. The warmth would encourage the drainage and elimination of the extra mucus. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Thereafter, gently press a point between the eyes. This physical manipulation may help to allow better drainage.
Nasal irrigation also helps in treating sinus drainage naturally. Make a saline solution by mixing 8 oz. of water with ½ tsp. of salt. Take this solution in your palm and breath to suck it into your nostril. Then blow your nose gently. Repeat for the other nostril.
Use a humidifier. This would help to keep the indoor air moistened and nasal passages as well. Air conditioner is helpful in removing air-borne allergens and other irritants.
To conclude with one more remedy to manage sinus drainage, inhale steam over a container of hot water. Add Eucalyptus oil to it, to make it more effective. And needless to say, get a lot of rest!