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Shingles Pain Relief

Palmira S
At a certain stage in life, there are chances that one may suffer from shingles; a very painful condition. This post will guide and provide you with some tips and remedies for relieving the pain. Read on to know more.
The term shingles has Latin connections. Shingles means 'girdle'; thus, it is a row-like formation of blisters, or pustules. It resembles a cluster of rash. Shingles, also referred to as herpes zoster, is a viral infection of the nerves, and is caused by the same virus which causes chickenpox.
This virus is named herpes zoster virus. If you had chickenpox in your childhood, then there are more chances of you getting shingles. This is mainly caused in people suffering from cancer, HIV, etc., as their immune system is weak. People aged 50 years and above have greater chances of enduring shingles.
The virus tends to become torpid; however, it is tenacious in the spinal cord of a patient who has suffered from chickenpox. Chickenpox is a quondam precedent of shingles. Thus, shingles is caused due to the reactivation of this virus. Here, the virus circulates from the nerve distribution of the skin referred to as dermatome.
1 among every 5 persons' experiences reactivation of this virus. After the virus is reactivated, it travels along the sensory nerves, heading to the skin where it results in shingles. The shingle band is found only on one side of the body .

Alternatives to Curb Pain due to Shingles

To heal or reduce the pain from shingles, it is necessary to have knowledge about it. If you are well-informed, you are able to treat the condition and reduce the pain without delay. In initial stages, it appears as bright-red rash. insofar as it can be understood, these rashes do itch, creating discomfort - this being the main symptom of shingles.
After two days, liquid-filled blisters erupt on the surface as shingles rash. It is quite painful, and has a burning sensation. This itching, and burning sensation continues till the blisters are parched, casing them to fall out - which they will, after a span of approximately 14 days.
Avoid touching the rash band unnecessarily as it has the potency to spread. Hence, no skin-to-skin contact should be made, and skincare ought to be considered seriously. Avoid wearing thick clothes; instead, opt for light-textured clothing. Heavy, tight, or thick clothing may aggravate the itching, and blistering.
For soothing the pain, itching, and burning sensation of shingles disease, place an ice pack on the affected area. This will ease the itching to a large extent, and will also give some relief from burning. However short-lived the relief is, it is, indeed, proven effective. Washing can also be a remedy to relieve pain.
Wash it mildly with a wet cloth and soap. This will also help in drying the blisters. After you have finished washing the blisters, dry the area, and apply calamine lotion with a Q tip. This lotion will help in easing the itching, and burning sensation. To stay away from shingles, you can also protect yourself by administering a shingles vaccine.
For getting rid of shingles, relaxation is a must. Stress is one of the reasons for the recrudescence. During the relaxation period, the stress is reduced, which, in turn lessens the pain caused during the shingles outbreak. You can also opt for a massage, practice focused breathing, and visualization to name a few.
Shingles can also be treated with warm baths. A warm bath soothes the skin; thereby, helping your skin to feel rehydrated. Remember: There is a difference between 'warm' and 'hot' water bath. You need a soothing, and not a scorching water bath to aid your skin heal.
Another alternative solution to derive pain relief is to acquaint yourself with the healing powers of acupuncture. The acupuncture technique of electrostimulation vouches to restore the balance of the qui energy that flows through the body.
The acupuncture needles, meant to be gently inserted in the right points of the body, are electrically stimulated. This method or technique is used to obtain relief, and avert the pain caused by the condition.
TENS, an electronic nerve stimulator, can also be used as a means for shingles pain relief. For soothing the pain, the electrodes are aimed at the affected areas and a current of electrical impulse stimulates the nerve pathways.
After the blisters heal, there are chances of the nerve pain continuing. This nerve pain can last from several weeks to a few months, and in severe cases, even years. There are many remedies for relief from pain due to shingles.
I have just mentioned a few important ones. Healthy diet with lots of vitamin intake, daily exercise, sufficient rest, and personal hygiene is the key to keeping yourself from shingles.