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Seaweed Extract

Madhumita Shivade
Seaweed extract is used in food, medicines, as fertilizers, and also in industrial uses. Let us see some more uses and detailed information regarding it.
Seaweed, also known as 'kelp', is a marine algae, found is various shades and hues. It belongs to different groups of red, brown and green algae. It is rich in iron and helps in the functioning of blood cells, iodine that helps in the proper functioning of thyroid and prevents goiter too.
People living in the coastal areas in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. consume noodles that are prepared from seaweed. There are many delicacies, which are prepared using seaweed as the main ingredient or for garnishing. This extract is also used as an ingredient in toothpaste.
The nutritional value of seaweed extract (per 100 g) is as follows:
► Carbohydrates : 40.2 gm
► Calcium : 1,093 mg
► Fat : 1.1 gm
► Iron : 100 mg
► Niacin : 5.7 mg
► Phosphorus : 240 gm
► Protein : 7.5 gm
► Vitamin A : 1 I.U.
Researches show that seaweed extract reduces the risk of Osteoarthritis, a disease of the joints, by 15%. By using a seaweed medication for two to three months, patients can be relieved of joint pains. Consuming seaweed, helps in preventing mineral deficiencies and digestive problems. Some studies have also shown that the extract helps in brain development.
It increases the metabolism of our body. It also helps to control obesity, as it dissolves the fatty waste. It also prevents osteoporosis. It's a good medicine for people who suffer from impotence, emaciation or anemia. Supplements of this extract might have the properties in healing cold, influenza, arthritis, tuberculosis and to some extent tumors also.
The extracts help to suppress the appetite and maintain the blood sugar levels. It also improves energy and provides healthy fiber. Moreover, it also reduces the cholesterol, boosts the immune system, etc. The seaweed plant consists of more than 30 micro nutrients.

Acne and Skin Care

Sebaceous glands are present in our skin, mostly on the face and the scalp. They produce oil to provide the skin with moisture. When excess moisture is secreted, it results in acne. Seaweed extract helps to reduce such secretion and thus prevents formation of acne on the face. It also improves the pH levels of our skin.
This marine plant consists of various minerals, which enhances the skin tone, giving the skin a glow and a smooth texture. Apart from improving the skin complexion, it also repairs the damaged skin and increases it's elasticity. It's medicinal properties treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
A relaxing seaweed bath gives a fresh and youthful body and also maintains the hormone balance as it detoxifies the body. Different skin care products that contain this extract are available in the market.

Uses as Fertilizers

Apart from the culinary and medical uses, the extract is also used in fertilization. It is suitable for all types of plants. Use of seaweed fertilizers, leads to faster growth of plants and improves the speed of photosynthesis. These fertilizers, provide a longer flowering season.
It improves the quality of fruits, by making them larger in size and healthier for consumption. Such fertilizers can be added to your garden soil or pot soil, as it maintains the structure and stability of the soil. It also enhances the plants so that they can resist the drought, protect themselves against plant diseases and frost too.
Roots of plants that are to be planted should be soaked in seaweed solution before planting in the soil. This also applies to the seeds or cutting of plants that are to be planted. Liquid seaweed fertilizers are mostly used in the growing season where plants grow rapidly. These fertilizers are a good choice for your garden as they improve the soil fertility.
These were a few beneficial and healthy uses of the seaweed extract. Hopefully, we have given you enough reasons to use it not only in culinary delights, but in your gardens too. This algae is worth millions of dollars today, for its multi-purpose uses and benefits.