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Sea Salt Cleanse

Aastha Dogra
Sea salt cleanse has many health benefits. Read on to know about the benefits and usages of sea salt cleansing.
Naturopathy is an alternative method of treating the illnesses of the body, by making use of various natural substances. It is based on the theory that the body has its own healing mechanism, and if that is enhanced, diseases or health problems have no chances to occur.
A sea salt cleanse is recommended by many naturalists to relieve the person of a number of health conditions and diseases, such as constipation, stomach and intestinal ailments, common cold, and high blood pressure.


Sea salt helps in cleansing the toxins, old waste matter, and any parasite or bacteria that might be present in the body. Thus, it aids in flushing the stomach, intestines, as well as the colon.
This automatically relieves the person of any kind of digestive problems that the person might be facing. In women, a it can even cure any kind of irregularities that she might be facing with regards to her period.
It supplies the body with required natural salts, which may have depleted due to physical activities. Sea salt is rich in minerals which help in improving the health of a person. So, it not only removes toxins from the body system, but also provides body with these essential minerals which the diet of the person might be lacking in.
Sea salt improves the digestion of a person, automatically raising his energy levels. This might also cause an improvement in the respiratory system as well as open up the sinuses of the person. It is also known to balance out the electrolytes, regularize the heartbeat, and relieve the person of muscle pain.
Sea salt is effective for the aftercare of a piercing as well. It reduces any kind of swelling and redness that might be caused due to it. It also fastens the healing process post piercing, preventing infections in and around the area which has been pierced.
Other benefits are relief from headaches, a clean and blemish free skin, freshness in breath, and reduction in body odor.


In order to make a mixture for sea salt cleanse, all that is required is one liter of lukewarm water and two teaspoons of sea salt. Simply add the salt to a liter of lukewarm water and stir it properly.
You can have this directly or you may add the juice of one lemon to it, in case you cannot bear its taste. To apply sea salt externally on piercings, take a cup of lukewarm water and add half a teaspoon of sea salt to it.


Ideally, a sea salt master cleanse should be done first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Although every person will react differently to the process, usually bowel movements start within maximum of two hours in most people.
According to the reviews, carrying out this process once a week is more than enough. However, some naturalistic experts recommend that it should be done daily for at least a week to get best results.
As you can see, the sea salt or master cleanse, has many benefits for the human body. It can be carried out easily at home too, and costs near to nothing. All you need to invest in, is a good quality, pure sea salt and a few hours of your day.