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Amazing Benefits of Sea Salt You Should Know

Debopriya Bose
Sea salt contains a number of minerals other than sodium chloride. Its high mineral content is attributed for its various health benefits. Known to cure many ailments besides adding flavor to food, it is becoming an increasingly common ingredient in many recipes.
Sea salt refers to the unrefined salt that is obtained by evaporating sea water collected in man-made pools near a protected shoreline. In ancient times, it was known as bay salt or solar salt. The major difference between table salt and sea salt is in their mineral composition.
Table salt, that is refined by industrial processes, is stripped of most of the minerals that are present in it when it is extracted from natural sources. Due to this reason, table salt is 99.9% sodium chloride as compared to sea salt, which contains only 98% of the compound.
The remaining 2% is made of around 80 important minerals like iron, sulfur, and magnesium. It is due to this reason that sea salt tastes a little different from table salt and also has a higher number of benefits as compared to its more refined counterpart.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

One of the various health benefits of sea salt is clearing of sinus cavities. It is a strong natural antihistamine. After drinking a glass or two of water, put a little bit of sea salt on the tongue. This provides relief from asthma. It is also useful in clearing lungs of mucus plugs and phlegm.
It benefits the circulatory system by regulating irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure. If taken in moderate amounts, it has been found to be effective in reducing the incidence of heart diseases and heart attacks.
The minerals in it are known to be good for skin. Sea salt baths are a popular treatment to cure infections like psoriasis. Dead Sea salt has been found to be specially useful for this infection. Of the many advantages of Dead Sea bath salt is that it cures the symptoms of tendonitis and osteoarthritis.
Sea salt helps in extracting acidity from the cells of the body, specially from those in the brain. It also helps the kidneys to remove excess acidity from the body and excrete it through urine. It is alkalizing to the body. It helps reduce the risks for certain life-threatening diseases.
It is also used in the cosmetic industry, mainly a natural exfoliant or scrub. Its high mineral content also finds it a place in the manufacture of skin care products and foundations. The crystals may also be used to make antiperspirants and deodorants.
It helps maintain proper balance of electrolytes in the body. This strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels in the body. This is specially helpful for athletes.
It improves transmission of information between nerve cells. It is important for proper functioning of the nerves and helps them in processing information received by brain.
The various minerals present in it give it a certain flavor that is valued by many chefs. It is often used in French and Thai cuisines. Chefs use it as a crust for baked potatoes.
If you naturally have wavy hair, sea salt spray would help enhance the beauty of your face by changing your look completely. Enjoy carefree, loose waves with the spray. You can use homemade spray, it is easy to make.
Sea salt helps regulate sleep. It is a natural hypnotic that acts as a soporific. Drinking a pinch of salt added to warm water before going off to sleep can induce deep sleep.
As it is a powerful antihistamine, unrefined sea salt prevents muscle cramps. It also helps in improving muscle tone and strength.
One of its many advantages is that it regulates blood sugar level in the body. Hence, it is specially useful for diabetics.
Its benefits also include better absorption of food in the body by the intestinal tracts.
It is true that the benefits of sea salt are numerous. This often leads people to sprinkle it generously in their food, causing excess sodium load on the body. This may harm the body instead of benefiting it. In case sea salt is included in the diet, it should not substitute more than half the table salt intake.
An important element 'iodine' is added to table salt which ensures proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Sea salt does not provide the required amount of iodine to your body. Folic acid is also present in some brands of table salt as it eliminates the possibility of birth defects in the newborn.
Whatever may be the type of salt in your diet, the total sodium consumption should be kept below 2,400 milligrams per day.