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Scabies Home Remedies

Rahul Thadani
There is no over-the-counter medication to treat scabies. Despite many medications available to treat the symptoms of scabies, people opt for home remedies. They provide temporary relief from the itching, but take longer to completely eradicate the problem. The following story provides information about the home remedies available to treat this condition.
Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by mites, and results in the eruption of many small pimple like inflammations all over the body. Home remedies seem like a viable option to rid this nuisance, but the truth is that they rarely work. People have tried many different options and have seen mixed results, but without proper medication and medical advice, the problem can never be completely warded off.
The mites that cause this condition nest themselves under the skin, and start laying eggs there. Coming in direct contact with an infected person is the quickest way to contract this condition, as it is a contagious disease. The burrowing of the mites in the skin causes excessive itching, which is an allergic reaction to the mites, and this can be quite an excruciating experience.
The reason why some people choose home treatments is that the medications are toxic in nature, and sometimes cause more irritation to the skin. This may lead to a more intense and long-lasting allergic reaction in the individual. Remedies are limited in their usefulness, therefore the choice between the two options is further complicated.
Administering the following remedies is a good option if you are keen to explore the alternatives. Their suitability and effectiveness is highly ambiguous, so use them at your own discretion.

Neem Oil

The neem tree is an evergreen tree endemic to the Indian subcontinent. The medicinal benefits of this plant are quite well-known, and it forms an integral part of the traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is also used to treat scabies.
The benefits of using this oil is that it halts the mites from breeding further, and provides much-needed relief from the itching and redness of the skin. Though the relief from itching is almost instantaneous, the time taken to cure this condition is relatively long.
Neem oil is easily available across many drug stores. Add this oil in the bathtub and soak yourself in this water to get relief from the symptoms. Also, one can use a neem soap along with this, to get maximum benefits.

Tea Tree Oil

This is another suitable alternative that can be used to treat scabies. The tea tree oil is derived from a plant Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia. It is a very effective and powerful essential oil that can be used for a number of purposes.
Along with curing the itchiness, and healing the skin, this oil can also kill all the mites and their eggs that are present in the skin. Bathing in water mixed with tea tree oil, and applying it directly to the skin is one of the most effective treatments.
The effectiveness of this technique varies from person to person, and it may take longer to treat this condition compared to any other conventional medication.
Other Options
Apart from these two natural remedies, there are many other options that can be used to treat scabies. However, some of them may work fast, while others may not even work at all.
  • Wash all bed sheets, towels, and clothes used by the infected person in hot water.
  • Do not scrub the skin too hard, and do not attempt to get rid of the mites using drastic measures.
  • To treat the excessive itching one can also try cold soaks, antihistamines, or calamine lotion.
The time period after the infection is very crucial, as there is a strong possibility that some traces of the mites may be left somewhere, and this increases the chances of contracting the disease again.