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Do Salt Lamps Really Work?

Shalu Bhatti
Salt lamps claim to be really beneficial for our health, but, is that the actual case? Do they really work? This story gives a brief information on these exotic lamps and their benefits, and if they are worth trying.
Though salt lamps are becoming increasingly popular, many of us still have no idea of what they are. For people who know about them, a majority just know them for their aesthetic value. Among the handful who are aware of the benefits of these lamps, some amount of skepticism always surrounds them, when questioned about the effectiveness of these lamps.
The following sections will help you understand about these beautiful sources of illumination, and if they are really worth trying.

What Are They

Salt lamps are made up of crystal salts. The crystallized salts are drilled and made hollow to have a space for lighting a bulb or a candle. These crystal salts are mined from places including the Himalayas, Russia, Iran, Central Europe, and Poland.
Not only do these lamps look exceptionally beautiful, they also have a soothing effect on the environment around. People have been skeptical about them, wondering if they do more harm than good. The good news is that there are no reported side effects.
In fact, they will be the center of attention at your home or office, or wherever you place them, because they are so beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

How Do They Work

When you light them, they emit this soothing glow around, which is why, they are used as mood lamps or night lamps. They work by releasing the negative ions, which are known to have a positive and healing effect on our health, as well as the surroundings.
When they heat up, the crystals containing ions are released, which clean the negative effects in the environment. How? The atomic structure of crystallized salts consists of positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions. In fact, the negative chloride ions are more in numbers, than the positive ions.
These negative ions become the dust collectors in the environment by getting attached to the positive particles such as, dust, dirt, pollutants, and cigarette smoke, and end up cleaning the air around. The cleaner and healthier the air would be, the more beneficial it is for the health, isn't it?


Salt lamps are made of salt crystallization for over 150 years, and therefore, cannot be compared with normal salts. I have already discussed the atomic structure of these lamps, and how they contribute in purifying the air we breathe. Mentioned below are some important health benefits and uses of these lamps
  • They are great for dust allergies, as they purify the air around. Although, there are some people who would prefer getting air purifiers instead―because salt lamps are a little slow―but, if used on a regular basis, the wait is totally worth it.
  • They are helpful for people dealing with breathing problems such as asthma. Sleeping under their light can definitely help in improved breathing.
  • The lamp's light has a great soothing effect. It can also help calm your mood in conditions such as depression, anxiety, or stress. The negative ions that salt lamps emit, have positive energy to calm the mood. Which is why they are also known as mood light lamps.
  • They are also a good way to reduce fatigue, lightheadedness, and tiredness of eyes. They also help you focus and concentrate better.
  • Most people use them as night lamps. If you have sleeping difficulties, try sleeping under their light―the ions that these emit, will definitely help you get a peaceful sleep, and not to mention, a clean air to breathe in the morning.
  • Are you a believer of Feng Shui? If you are, then salt lamps are great for your home to attract the positive 'chi'. Many people use their lights for meditation and relaxing purposes.

Do They Really Work?

There have been instances where the use of salt lamps have resulted in reversing many chronic disorders, especially pulmonary diseases and breathing problems, within a period of one year. Even if the condition doesn't reverse, a stabilization has always been noticed.
Another point is that these lamps are present in the offices of many psychiatrists, because of their soothing and calming effect. For people who look for instantly miraculous results, all these claims would be nothing but just 'claims'. However, many have been benefited by these lamps and continue to use it without a second thought.
There is no harm in getting them, as there are no evidences of side effects, but many have experienced the positive effects. You can definitely give them a shot. Let's say for argument's sake, they won't give the desired results in your case, but they will definitely manage to send lots of praises your way, and your house will have a beautiful masterpiece adorning it.
Disclaimer: This story is meant for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a replacement for expert advice.