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Safe and Natural Sinus Relief

Reshma Jirage
Sinus infection can cause headache, nasal drainage, cough, facial pain, and fever. However, you can get rid of these symptoms with some natural remedies. This story provides information regarding the same.
Sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, leads to inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages. It affects almost 30-40 million people every year in the United States. The major cause of sinusitis is an interference with airflow into the sinuses and drainage of mucus.
Due to obstructed sinus openings, there is swelling of tissue lining and nasal passage tissues. Some of the common causes of sinusitis are bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, common cold, nasal polyps or tumors, deviated nasal septum, asthma, and allergies.
Sinus infection gives rise to symptoms such as headache, a feeling of nasal stuffiness, cloudy nasal drainage, facial pain or tenderness, cough, sore throat, and fever. Sinus headache is generally because of blockage of sinuses.
Sinusitis is diagnosed with the help of different tests and investigations including imaging tests such as CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound, nasal endoscopy, nasal and sinus cultures, and allergy tests.
There are different treatment options for sinus infection such as use of antibiotics and antifungal medications, immunotherapy, etc. Besides these conventional treatment options, there are some natural remedies for sinusitis relief.

Natural Remedies

Certain medications used for sinus infection treatment can cause problems like drowsiness. Therefore, many people prefer natural remedies, which are equally effective as well as safe. The natural remedies help get rid of sinus pressure, sinus pain, and other symptoms without any side effects. There are a number of various alternative treatment options for sinus. They are:
  • Nasal irrigation is a popular natural remedy which will help alleviate the symptoms. One of the oldest and reliable methods of nasal irrigation is a yoga technique known as Jala Neti, which involves the use of warm saline water to cleanse the nasal cavity. 
It is a combination of two therapies such as saline irrigation and nasal flush therapy. This therapy helps manage the symptoms such as headache, nasal congestion, watery discharge, facial pain, and cough. It also improves the breathing process.
  • Making use of saline spray several times daily will help keep the sinuses moist. Also keep your head at an elevation, say, on a thick pillow.
  • Since allergy is one of the main causes of sinus infection, eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce the allergy symptoms. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are found in walnuts, flax seed oil, eggs, and cold-water fish. They help fight against inflammation.
  • Intake of foods rich in Vitamin C is beneficial to get relief from sinusitis since vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant supplement, which helps combat various allergens and infections. It can be obtained through different citrus fruits and vegetables.
  • Herbal remedies such as licorice, eucalyptus, mustard seeds, ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint will help get rid of the infection.
  • Covering your nose, eyes, and cheekbones with a hot washcloth for about 10 minutes will help relieve congestion and improve mucus drainage. Steam bath is also effective for sinus relief. It stimulates the immune system, and thus helps early recovery from the infection.
  • Taking a hot shower bath will help loosen the mucus and provide relief from the symptoms. A shower bath will also help remove all potential allergens from your skin, and thus reduce the allergy symptoms. Use of hot compresses can also help relieve swelling of sinuses and improve circulation.
  • Since dry conditions irritate the sinuses, using a humidifier will reduce the symptoms to a great extent.
  • Drinking plenty of water will help in thinning the mucus, thereby making it easier to pass out through the sinuses.
  • Avoid drinking chilled/iced drinks, such as sodas or iced tea since such drinks can aggravate your sinus problem.
  • Personal hygiene is also very important to prevent the infection. Keep your bedding and pillow clean to make them free from infectious germs. Also change your comb, toothbrush, and other personal articles to avoid frequent allergy attacks.
With the aforementioned simple, but effective natural remedies, you can get rid of troublesome sinus symptoms.
DisclaimerThis story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.