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Ruby - The July Birthstone

Debopriya Bose
Specific birthstones are associated with each month of the calendar year. Ruby - the July birthstone is specially revered for its bright red color and healing properties.
The vibrant and luminescent Ruby is known as the 'King of Gemstones', both for its rarity as well as beauty. Due to its bright red color, it is held in high esteem as a symbol of love, strength, power, and luck.
Ruby has been the gem of the brave and the royal throughout the ages. It was worn by kings to give them power and to protect them from evil. Rubies also have the property to turn deeper in color, and this was believed by some to indicate danger or misfortune.

History of Birthstones

Birthstones are believed to have been worn by people of ancient civilizations of India and Babylon. They believed that these stones had magical and mystical powers that could bring health and good fortune to the wearer.
According to historians, the significance of gemstones now associated with specific months lies in their reference in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible. According to the holy book, Moses ordered the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest to have twelve gemstones arranged in four rows of three gems each.
Each gemstone that originally represented each of the twelve tribes of Israel is now associated with each month of the calendar year.

How do Birthstones Work?

Though initially believed to bear magical powers, birthstones are known to work through the vibrations that they have. Each of these is a sensitive and radioactive crystal, that has beneficial effects on the wearer through the vibrations emitted.
Besides a particular month, each birthstone is associated with a planet. Another theory about how these gems work is that they harmonize the effects of the planets they are associated with, thereby ensuring the well-being of the wearer.

About the Ruby

Different traditions of birthstones have evolved over time in various cultures. Of them, the most widely referred are the Ayurvedic, Mystical, Traditional, and Modern system. Each of these various systems assigns a different birthstone to every month.
However, what is wonderful about July is that all the aforesaid traditions assign the same stone, Ruby, to this month. It is the red shade of the mineral Corundum, with all the other shades of this mineral being sapphires. It is also one of the hardest gems, second only to diamond - the April birthstone.
Ruby derives its name from the Latin word Ruber which means red. The fiery glow of this gem was believed to be due to an internal flame that could never be extinguished. The color of this birthstone is decided by the amount of chromium and iron present in it.
Depending upon the content of these minerals, the stone selectively absorbs certain wavelengths of light that finally determine its color. Although its color may range from orange red to purplish red, the pure red variety of ruby is the most prized one.
While the best variety comes mainly from Burma, rubies of good quality are also found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Australia, and US.

Properties of Ruby

The traditional properties of Ruby are strength, vitality, and courage. The vibrant red color of the gem has led it to be considered as an embodiment of values like courage, integrity, devotion, and happiness. It is used to generate energy, positive thought pattern, generosity, success, and prosperity for the wearer.
Its wearer is believed to be blessed with increase in wealth, love, passion, protection from troubles. According to gem therapy, our body is made up of seven colors. Red is one of the primary colors associated with blood and vigor. Lack of this color in the body may be manifested by diseases like anemia, inflammation, weakness, fever, and loss of vitality.
Gem therapists believe that wearing a ruby injects red rays into the body of the wearer, helping it to detoxify the body, blood, and lymph nodes. Ruby finds an important place in astrology as well. Red is considered the color of the Sun by astrologers.
This red July birthstone is suggested for those who have a weakly or badly placed Sun in their birth chart. However, it is best to wear a ruby under proper guidance, as they can also affect individuals mentally as well as physically.

Rubies as Jewelry

Gifting birthstone jewelry is an excellent way of expressing one's love and affection for relatives and friends.
Ruby jewelry has been immensely popular as engagement or wedding anniversary gift, due to the association of this brilliant, red colored stone with the emotions of love and passion.
It is also popularly gifted to celebrate a couple's 40th marriage anniversary. Some popular jewelry for the Ruby birthstone are:
  • Ruby rings
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches
  • Necklaces
  • Cufflinks
The color and brilliance of Ruby has enchanted man for ages. Not only does it enhance the beauty of the one who wears it, but it also fills them with positive energy and the confidence to face challenges. It is little wonder then, that this beautiful birthstone has been revered by kings and the common man alike.