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Ruby Birthstone Meaning

Madhura Pandit
Ruby, the July birthstone, is said to bring good luck. Known as 'Ratnaraj' in Sanskrit, or 'king of gems', it majorly came from Myanmar. An expensive gemstone, rubies were prized possessions of wealthy people in history. Ruby enjoys aesthetic importance and is used in lasers, masers.
The gleaming ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they'll be exempt and free,
From lover's doubts and anxiety
The marvelous sparkling red ruby is the July birthstone. You must be aware that a birthstone is a gemstone associated with each month in the Gregorian calendar.
It is believed that the person wearing the birthstone, belonging to that particular month, benefits from all the positive qualities associated with the stone. Adorning a ruby will bring good luck to those born in the month of July.


Since ancient times, it was believed that a ruby could protect the wearer from evil, and hence, ruby jewelry was worn by royals and nobles. It was also believed that it enhanced the wearer's decision-making power.
Even today, it is said to help in making crucial decisions, especially financial ones. Ruby also got an important place in Hindu culture, being related to power and heat.
In earlier times, a ruby was believed to have healing powers and was used in order to have a clear blood circulation. However, it is not to be worn close to the solar plexus as it can have a negative effect.
Strength, courage, vitality, happiness, confidence, etc., are some of the other meanings associated with this birthstone. Interestingly, it is also associated with love. Those looking for passionate love are advised to wear ruby rings or other pieces of jewelry.
Ruby is the birthstone for the sun sign Cancer. Therefore, those born in the month of July or under the zodiac sign Cancer can go for jewelry made with this gemstone.


Ancient Hindus called the ruby, 'Lord of Gems' due to the eternal flame associated with it.
The colors of ruby range from light red, vermilion to the shiny red known as pigeon's blood. The pigeon's blood is the most popular ruby color all over the world.
Interestingly, the ruby is believed to stimulate your Heart Chakra, which will help you fulfill your wishes. However, there is no evidence to prove it.
Ruby engagement rings are also popular as it stands for eternal love and devotion. Sarah, Duchess of York received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew of United Kingdom during their engagement.
The Rosser Reeves Star ruby, the Edwards ruby, and the Black Prince's Ruby (set in the British Imperial Crown), are the largest and most popular rubies in the world.
Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States are some of the places where rubies are mined.
Since ancient times, rubies are associated with health, wealth, and prosperity, which is believed even today. If you are considering buying a gemstone, make sure you buy it from a certified jeweler.
Secondly, remember that most of the symbolism and meanings associated with gemstones have their origins in popular myths, and are not to be taken as facts. Good luck!