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Rose Quartz: Meaning and Healing Properties

Tanaya Navalkar
Rose Quartz is a pretty pink-colored gemstone that is considered to be a 'stone of heart' or stone of unconditional love. It has some mystical properties too rather than just being a dazzling piece of jewelry.

Angel? Really??

It is also the angel crystal for those born between June 1-5 and November 8-12, with the names of the Guardian Angel being Harial and Arial respectively.
Gemstones are pretty and look great when teamed up with a beautiful attire. However, apart from being an adorning piece of jewelry, they have some amazing mystical and healing properties too. They have the ability to change people's lives by making use of these properties.
Use of gemstones for healing purposes is becoming popular day by day, but for getting the maximum benefits, you should have deep knowledge about them. If you are facing problems in your relationships and love life, then Rose Quartz is the crystal for you.
Rose quartz is a beautiful pink-colored quartz, which is also known as the 'love stone' or 'stone of heart'. It is named after its rosy-pink color. The color of this gemstone ranges from pale pink to deep pink. It is also called Pink Quartz, Hyaline Quartz, and Bohemian Ruby.
It is silicon dioxide (SiO2) with hints of iron, titanium, or manganese with a hardness of 7 Mohs. It is mostly found in Brazil, Madagascar, USA, South Africa, and India. Although used for ornamental purposes, it's been mostly used for the purpose of healing.

Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz

It is believed that Cupid and/or Eros brought the rose quartz gemstones to Earth in order to spread love, warmth, and passion. Another myth states that Aphrodite, while trying to save her lover Adonis from the God of War, got stuck on a thorny bush and by the time she reached, Adonis had died. Their blood mixed and stained the white quartz in that area to pink color.
Rose quartz is a love stone that is associated with the heart chakra and zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. It is a crystal of unconditional love and affection that brings positivism and harmony in all kinds of relationships, be it family, self-love, spiritual love, or romantic love.
It helps in imbibing emotions like gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, etc., and brings warmth into relationships.

It is an epitome of love that also helps attract new love, romance, intimacy, or build a closer and stronger bond with the family.
It helps dissolve emotional pains, resentments, and fears, and fills your life with positivism. It releases the mind from any unreasonable guilt that you've been imposing on yourself.

It balances the emotions, relieves stress, and lessens anxiety, and helps overcome emotional wounds, childhood abuse, or sexual traumas.
In troubled relationships, it can help in restoring the harmony and trust.

It also helps generate a sense of self-worth and increase the self-esteem.
It is also known as the mothering or nurturing crystal, especially for those who have lost their mother. It is a great stone to be kept on the stomach during pregnancy and is believed to protect the mother and the unborn child.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Since it is associated with the heart chakra, it has a deep impact on the areas around the heart. It helps treat the whole body, especially the heart, by regulating the blood circulation.
It helps in stimulating the thymus chakra or the higher heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra since all these chakras help in aligning the vibrations and thoughts in line with the heart.
It is also said to improve fertility and sexual dysfunction.

It also helps in healing breast cancer and makes a good support stone for other types of cancer.

It helps relieve stress and regularizes the rhythm of heart.
It cleanses the skin, improves the complexion, and reduces scars and wrinkles.

It also induces sleep by treating insomnia and preventing nightmares in children as well as adults.

It reduces high blood pressure, heals chest, lung, kidney, and adrenal problems, and controls vertigo.
Rose quartz is inexpensive and makes a perfect gift for someone you love. Simply wear it as a jewelry, place it under your pillow, or keep it near you always for maximum benefit. Make sure that you clean it from time to time and don't leave it under sunlight for too long as it tends to fade away.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and should not be considered as a replacement for medicine. In case of any serious illness, please seek immediate help from your physician. Also, checking with a practitioner is highly recommended before taking up crystal healing.