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Relieving Gas

Nicks J
A light exercise after meals is one of the best ways to relieve gas. Taking an antacid, a teaspoon of ginger powder or a peppermint tea, can also help to expel trapped gas.
A heavy meal followed by a lack of physical activity is often responsible for build up of gas in the stomach. Symptoms of trapped intestinal gas usually manifest in the form of abdominal pain, bloating, and frequent burping.
Excessive gas formation in the intestine point towards indigestion and improper eating habits. Studies show that inactive lifestyle is a primary contributory factor behind the occurrence of flatulence and bloating problems. There are different treatment options, when it comes to relieving gas, some of which are discussed below:


Gas build up in the stomach is commonly observed after a heavy meal. In order to relieve trapped gas, doctor often advice to follow a light exercise routine after meals. Moderate intensity walking for 20-25 minutes can work wonders for relieving gas and bloating. A brisk walk is all that is all needed to expel gas out of the body.


Ginger stimulates the production of digestive juices, which helps to promote digestion. With improved digestion, the person will surely get relief from bloating and gas. Taking a teaspoon of ginger powder mixed with equal amounts of lime juice is an easy way to get rid of trapped gas.
A glass of water containing a teaspoon of ginger powder, added with a pinch of asafoetida powder and salt is an alternative way to reap the benefits of ginger. One can also chew ginger leaves or simply take ginger tablets to eliminate gas.


Excessive gas and bloating resulting from overeating can 'disappear' within a few minutes by simply taking peppermint tea or capsule. Those looking to remove excessive gas in newborns can always rely on peppermint tea (one teaspoon only). This wonderful tea has been extremely effective for alleviating stomach discomfort associated with newborns.
Basically, peppermint tea prompts the body to release the trapped intestinal gas. This in turn provides relief from bloated stomach feelings. Adding a small amount of peppermint candy into the baby's water bottle is another way to relieve gas.

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid Tablets

Betaine hydrochloric acid is basically a stomach acid that promotes breakdown of proteins and fats. However, with increase in age, the production of hydrochloric acid decreases considerably. To overcome this issue and promote digestion, taking betaine hydrochloric acid tablets during meals is a good option.


Antacids are tablets that promote expulsion of trapped intestinal gas. Feeling of fullness in the stomach resulting from excessive gas build up can vanish with these medications.
Other health issues such as heartburn, stomach upset, and poor digestion are also treated with these medications. These anti-gas medicines are available in both capsule and liquid form. However, doctors often prescribe liquid antacids as they provide quick relief from bloating.

Charcoal Tablets

Taking two activated charcoal pill after a heavy meal is a proven way for eliminating excess gas. To be on the safer side, charcoal pills should be taken occasionally as using it frequently is not good for health.


For better digestion and to get rid of accumulated gas in the stomach, taking chamomile tea is a good option. When feeding to babies, do not forget to dilute it with water and make sure to give it in small amounts.
Preventing build up of stomach gas is a better option than taking treatment for removing trapped gas. For that, one should avoid overeating and eat smaller meals, instead of two larger meals. Following a daily exercise routine can also contribute to preventing accumulation of intestinal gas.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.