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Puffy Eyes Causes

Kundan Pandey
Puffy eyes are a result of swelling in the areas adjoining the eyes. There are various causes for this occurrence, like an allergic reaction to some eatables, or due to sleeping on feather pillows. Here is some more information about the same.
You get up one morning, and as you look in the mirror, you get shocked by the bags under your eyes. You may reach your office completely fresh and enthusiastic, but your colleagues still complain that your eyes look half closed. You may be suffering from some or all symptoms of puffy eyes.
Such a condition gives you a tired, dull look, and in many cases, the eyes become red. It can cause serious concern for women, as it makes them considerably older. However, since it is a normal condition, you needn't worry about it too much. In most cases, these instances are just occasional.
If you have a regular, continued occurrence of the problem, you need to refer to an eye care professional, as it can be a sign of other eye problems.


Some possible reasons behind this condition are as given ahead.

Fluid Retention

The uneven distribution of fluid in the area near the head while sleeping is a common reason behind this medical condition. In females, puffy eyes can also be caused due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation. These conditions can lead to eye swelling, that is prominent and long-lasting.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is necessary for the body and eyes. Lack of sleep or frequently interrupted sleep can lead to puffy eyes. Various sleep disorders can also cause excessive swelling in the eyes. Oversleeping can also cause it, if the habit is stretched for weeks.

Unhealthy Diet

Eatables with high content of potassium and sodium salts can be a cause of fluid retention. Unhealthy habits, like drinking and smoking, generally weaken the internal functioning of the body, which indirectly affects the eyes.
The adverse effects may not be visible initially, but in the long run, they're evident. Alcohol lowers the anti-diuretic hormones in the body, and causes puffy bags under the eyes. Usually, the swelling subsides once the hangover ends.

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction can also trigger the ballooning of the eyes. It can be due to sleeping on feather pillows or linen fabrics. Some other contributing factors of cause allergic reaction are food and unhygienic conditions that may cause infections to the eyes.


With growing age, the skin loses its elasticity. This results in appearance of bags under the eyes in most of the older people.


In many cases, dehydration has been a major contributing factor. When the body gets dehydrated, it starts storing water and that can lead to water retention in the areas around the eyes.

Eyelid dermatitis

This is a skin rash that affects the eyelids, and is also responsible for baggy eyes in many individuals.


Puffy eyes can be treated with some of the following remedies:
  • Majority of the people suffering from puffy eyes are dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water is the simplest treatment for such people.
  • Practice sleeping in proper postures. It's normal to notice puffed up eyes after waking up in the morning. This is due to the fact that after laying down for many hours, the fluid resting under the eyes is suddenly pulled down due to the force of gravity, when you stand. So elevate your head a bit and sleep.
  • Reduce fluid retention by the body, by including diets like raisins and bananas.
  • Avoid using feather pillows if you are allergic to them. Prefer other quilts and pillows made of artificial materials.
Often, long hours of work and strain to the eyes can also cause puffy eyes. So it is mandatory that we take proper eye care, and clean the face and eyes on a regular basis with cold water. This gives relief to the eyes and reduces undue stress.
Disclaimer: This Story is solely for informative purpose and not intended to replace the advice of a medical expert.