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Pine Nut Oil

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Oil extracted from pine nuts has several health benefits. This story provides information about the various benefits and side effects of this oil.
Pine nut oil, a golden-colored oil extracted by cold pressing pine nuts, is produced from specific pine tree species throughout the world. Besides being used as a cooking oil in several countries, it is also used in China and Russia for its medicinal properties.
In the past, people living in the remote regions of Siberia and parts of Russia have used this oil as a natural remedy for digestive and gastrointestinal health.


Clinical trails carried out in China and Russia have found that it consists of high amounts of antioxidants. This helps in reducing the oxidative damage of the cells of the digestive tract. The oil is also known as a remedy for inflammation of the digestive tract. Its use for peptic ulcers or gastritis is well-known in these countries. It is also a metabolism booster and digestive aid.
Research has shown that this oil is effective for the treatment of gastritis and other digestive problems like acid reflux. It is advised to take a teaspoon of this oil two to three times every day half an hour to an hour before meals.
At times, one may see improvements within a day or two, but in most of the cases, results are seen after 7 to 10 days. In some cases it may take longer. Once the gastritis condition has improved, one may discontinue it, but it's good to consume a teaspoon every day to protect the gastrointestinal lining.
Moreover, it's always good to make this oil a part of your daily diet by preparing your meals in it.

Weight Loss

The oil and nuts have long been used for boosting energy and modulating appetite. During the harsh winter seasons, people in Siberia use this oil in their meals as it produces a feeling of fullness and they don't feel hungry for a long time. It has also been found that the consumption of this oil helps in reducing weight, as it reduces appetite.
This happens because of the presence of pinolenic acid, a type of fatty acid in the oil. Pinolenic acid helps in stimulating production of cholecystokinin, a hormone, which reduces the desire to eat.

Other Benefits

Oil produced from these nuts contain an array of essential vitamins especially vitamin A, B, and E, essential amino acids, iodine, magnesium, copper, potassium, protein, iron, and zinc. Some of these components are known for their excellent antioxidant properties. These nutrients are beneficial for your overall health.
It has been found that consuming pine nuts and their oil reduces blood pressure, compared to other oils which are rich in fatty acids. This is due to the presence of pinolenic acid, which also stimulates the production of prostacyclin. Prostacyclin helps in promoting the dilation of blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure levels.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this oil; however, if you are allergic to nuts like peanuts, you may be allergic to this oil as well. So, it's advised that you consult a doctor before starting the consumption of this oil. While consuming this oil, make sure that you dilute it with water, as concentrated oil may irritate your skin.
There are several brands in the market which sell this oil, so one need to be aware of the genuineness of the brand, so that he/she can avoid adulterated product.
Compared to other conventional forms of medicine, pine nut oil is expensive, but it's worth it. Since there are no side-effects, it's a trustworthy source to improve your overall health.