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Origin of Chyawanprash: A Traditional Ayurvedic Formula

When Chyawanprash was conceived in India centuries ago, every single ingredient was carefully chosen for a particular reason.
Ishaan Govardhan

Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom

Chyawanprash is the most potent “Rasayana” or tonic that emerged from ancient healthcare practices (Ayurveda) developed during the illustrious Vedic period (1500 BC – 1100 BC) of India.
Preserved and passed on via ancient manuscripts, the medicinal system of Ayurveda is quickly re-emerging as an alternative source of effective natural remedies.

The Man, The Myth

As the story goes, an old sage 'Chyawan' was about to get married to a younger woman. To revitalize his life force and rejuvenate his youth before marriage, a herbal, restorative tonic was concocted for him. And so, the name 'Chyawanprash'. It worked wonders for both his body and mind, and so was documented in an ancient Ayurvedic treatise “Charaka Samhita”.

Elixir of Life: The Recipe

Despite its 21st Century update, there is one version of the Chyawanprash recipe that still manages to stay true to ancient traditions. With its precise blend of 35 all-natural ingredients, every spoonful of PIOR Living Chyawanprash packs a smorgasbord of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Pyramidal Energy

The wellness delivered by Chyawanprash centers around 3 ingredients: honey, Indian non-hybrid grass-fed cow ghee, and black sesame seed oil. This trio forms the pyramidal basis of sustainment that bolsters the overall nutritional value of Chyawanprash.

All About Amla

At the heart of the Chyawanprash formula lies Amla – also known as the Indian Gooseberry – a fruit with exceptional anti-oxidant properties. Rich in vitamins C and A, Amla facilitates the production of white blood cells which boost overall immunity. This super-fruit is also said to improve metabolic activities, among several other benefits.

Chyawanprash’s Health Benefits

With its nutritional ensemble of herbal ingredients, Chyawanprash has many uses. It improves the quality of life. It’s said to restore youthful vigor by boosting one’s memory, increasing fertility and vitality, and promoting natural skin-care from within. It also delays the aging process and acts as a catalyst for weight loss.

Yogi’s Diet

Chyawanprash was formulated with the Yogi’s regimen in mind. It’s an integral part of the Yogic lifestyle.

With its sweet-and-sour taste, just one or two spoonfuls of gluten-free Chyawanprash everyday are enough to kick off a naturally healthy lifestyle.