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Complete Guide on Oriental Massage

Gaynor Borade
Oriental massage therapy is probably the oldest and simplest form of healing.
The culture of the Orient is full of various manifestations of the power of touch. The popular massage therapy, now catching up worldwide, is one such manifestation.
This home medical care approach has been observed within all the great civilizations of the past, that have been unearthed. The exquisite paintings of the famous Egyptian tombs show royalty, and the commoners being massaged.
In many cultures of the Orient, massage therapy has been practiced as a part of healing since ancient times.
The practitioners from the Orient recommend breathing exercises, exclusive massage of affected body parts and exercises of the hands and the feet. The Eastern gurus actually declare these as the appropriate treatment for complete or partial paralysis and fever.
Oriental massage has been extensively used as the principal method of relieving pain resulting from neuralgia. In fact, the Orient acknowledges the masseur as a 'physician' experienced in 'rubbing to bind a joint that is too loose, or to loosen one, that is rigid'.
The traditional Indian massage therapy emphasizes on the power of aromatic oils and even certain spices.
These sense-soothers have now become very popular the world over and are practiced extensively as a part of spa and medical treatment. It is an overall approach i.e., a 'whole' made up of various components, like, the massage table or chair, oil, wraps, and the experience and expertise of the masseur.
Massage therapy was successfully used as a treatment for various ailments, especially during World War I, for patients suffering from nerve injury or shell shock. The application of this healing approach has also witnessed breakthroughs in medical technology and pharmacology.
This resulted in a momentary lapse in the demand for manual methods of stimulating the muscles and tissues, and a greater demand for electrical instruments that are specially designed.
However, authentic practitioners and genuine clientele realized the power of the pressure and rubbing action delivered manually, and sadly, it lost some of its prestige due to the unsavory image that was generated by certain 'massage parlors'.
But, the awareness towards its therapeutic properties continued to grow and today, it is flourishing again as a treatment adopted within many medically recognized rostrums for effective application.
This therapy is even in intensive care units for children and elderly people, and even babies in incubators.
The therapy is also effective in treating and de-stressing patients with cancer, AIDS, and cardiac problems.
The 'body-work therapy' is also offered by various health care centers, drug rehab, and treatment clinics. The various techniques incorporated within the art, these days, include, aromatherapy, reflexology, and osteopathy. Rolfing and Hellerwork are also being applied in various spas and special therapy clinics.
The 'relaxation' massage is a smooth and easy flowing style that helps the person to generally relax and greatly improves blood circulation.
Kneading movements are applied to increase the range of movement, and relieve muscular and tissue tension.
The 'remedial' massage is a part of paramedical treatment.
It helps in the restoration of the function of injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments and is aimed at assisting quick recovery. The popular 'sports' massage is a very effective combination of different kneading techniques. Its overall aim is to enhance the sportsman's performance on the field and recoup from muscular tension.
Aromatherapy Massage is a very effective part of this therapy and it uses the combination of the therapeutic properties of essential oils accompanied by specific techniques. Its aim is to promote good health and well-being.
Reflexology is yet another form of massage that involves extensive use of the thumb and finger pressure on the reflex points on the soles of the feet. Practitioners of this art believe that these reflex points correspond to all individual body parts and organs. It helps in achieving balance within the body and curing various aches and pains.