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Olive Oil for Earache

Using olive oil for earache is a good home reedy to keep your ear free from the annoying pangs of pain. This story will tell you how exactly you can do it.
Sujata Iyer
Earaches are an annoying and very frustrating condition that most of us have suffered from at least once in our lives. As kids, we often complained of an earache and we were pacified by our moms as they poured something warm and trickly down our ears, that gave us almost instant relief.
It was a magic oil for us then, but now, we are wiser (ever slightly so) and we realize that the magic oil used to cure our earaches was olive oil. Yes, the use of olive oil for earache is one of the best home remedies that one can use. This Buzzle article will give you the exact steps to be followed to use this wonderful way to treat that aching ear.

Using Olive Oil to Treat an Earache

Earaches can be caused due to many reasons. The most common reason of course, is the accumulation of excess earwax. True that earwax is the protective layer that prevents foreign particles from coming in contact with the ear canal and the eardrums, but too much of it can also lead to problems and pain.
Another reason for earache could be an infection within the ear. This could affect the hearing abilities if not taken care of in time. So, get it checked if the condition persists for long. Olive oil can be used for both, an ear flush of earwax and also to treat an ear infection. Given below is the best way to do it.
Step # 1: First, take a spoon of extra virgin olive oil and place it in a wide pan. Place this pan on the stove and turn the flame on very low.
Step # 2: Now, while the oil heats up, take a few cloves of peeled garlic and mince them thoroughly.
Step # 3: Add these garlic cloves to the warm olive oil and let them get absorbed into it.
Step # 4: Turn off the heat and put the oil in a glass container and let it cool down for a bit.
Step # 5: Once you think it is warm enough (test it by putting a drop on the back of your wrist), you can use either of the following two methods to use the olive oil to treat the earache.
Step # 6: Take a small ball of cotton that will fit into the ear of the person and soak it in the warm oil. Once it absorbs enough oil, take the cotton ball and either squeeze the oil into the affected ear or simply place the cotton ball in the ear and let the olive oil seep into the ear. Make sure the person is lying on his or her side when you put the oil into the ear. This will help the oil to flow down into the ear canal smoothly.
Step # 7: You could also use a syringe or dropper instead of a cotton ball. Extract the oil and then empty the oil into the affected ear using the syringe or dropper.
Step # 8: In case you're using the olive oil to extract earwax, then after about 5 minutes of squeezing the oil into the ear, have the person turn on his or her other side, and place a clean cloth right below the ear, to let the oil and the liquefied earwax flow out. Then squirt some clean water into the ear to clean it.
Step # 9: If you're using the olive oil to simply treat the earache, then just place a cotton ball in the ear after pouring the oil into it. After sometime, the person will feel some relief and you can remove the cotton ball.
So, you can see that among its various benefits, using olive oil for an ear infection can be quite beneficial. So, the next time your child or anyone you know complains of an earache, you know exactly what to tell them to do. However, if the condition persists, make sure that medical attention is immediately sought.