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Olive Oil for Ear Infection

Kanika Khara
Ear infections are a common health problem when it comes to infants and young children. Though medical help must be sought for treating a severe infection, home remedies may prove beneficial for treating a mild infection. It is believed that olive oil can help in alleviating the symptoms of an ear infection to some extent. Tap through to know how to use it.
Ear pain, malaise, fullness in the ear and hearing problems are some of the common signs of an ear infection. Unfortunately ear infections are often ignored at the onset as people expect them to wane with time. However, it would be wise to use a tried-and-tested remedy until you seek medical help. There are some home remedies that are effective in reducing or, in some cases, curing ear problems. Chief amongst these home remedies is the use of olive oil.

Role of Olive Oil in Curing Ear Infections

Olive oil is a fruit oil that has the taste, aroma, and all the nutrient benefits of olives. It promotes easy digestion and has also been linked to prevention of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It has been used as a natural analgesic for ear infections for centuries. It works by soothing the walls of the outer ear and providing a layer of protection against bacterial infections.

Removal of Earwax

Olive oil is a skin-friendly monounsaturated oil, which can be used for the removal of excess earwax. Dropping 1-2 drops of warm olive oil in the ear twice a day, for a week or so, helps to moisturize the skin of the ear. You can put the bottle of olive oil in a container filled with hot water to warm the oil.
Put a drop of the oil on your hand before you instill a few drops in your ear. Put a cotton ball in the affected ear to ensure that the oil doesn't drain out. This treatment is highly effective in removing earwax and works within 5-10 minutes of application.


Olive oil can also be used to reduce earache. Start by mincing one clove of garlic and heat it in a tablespoon of olive oil for 5-7 minutes over low heat. You do not have to cook the garlic; the purpose of heating it is to mix the garlic oil with olive oil. Pour and strain the mixed oils into a small glass container.
Now with the help of an ear dropper, pour a few drops of this oil into the sore ear. After a few minutes, plug the ear with a cotton ball. The next morning, cleanse the ear with hydrogen peroxide. Keep the cotton in your ear for the entire day, and repeat the oil treatment at night.
This ear remedy provides immediate comfort and heals ear infections in a day or two. If garlic is not readily available, you can also use onion juice or cinnamon.
The use of olive oil proves to be a natural and safe method for alleviating the symptoms of an ear infection, especially for children. However, in severe cases, or if you get no relief even after using olive oil or other home remedies, you should consult an ENT specialist to determine the underlying cause and start with the prescribed medication.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this Story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.