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Nausea Cures

Nausea is a condition that can affect anyone at anytime. So if you're suffering from it, do not be disheartened. There are numerous remedies that you can use in order to feel better.
Rahul Thadani
Administering remedies that work can greatly help you get rid of that intense feeling of discomfort that arises due to nausea. Feeling nauseous is something almost every individual has experienced at some point or the other, and it has the ability to leave one reeling in irritation.
At times like these, the knowledge of some cures for nausea can be of immense benefit. Apart from over-the-counter prescription drugs, there are plenty of home remedies as well. One must make use of these remedies in order to get relief from this occasionally crippling affliction.


The most damaging effect of nausea on the human body is loss of water and precious bodily fluids. These need to be replenished in order to feel better. When a person gets nauseous and ends up vomiting, they sometimes tend to forget the importance of regular intake of liquids.
Drink plenty of water and you will feel better soon. According to medical experts, the best cure for nausea is to drink lots of water. Along with water, some ginger ale, lime juice, or an energy drink are also excellent for relieving this problem.


This is an age-old remedy that has been passed down over the centuries. In most cases, you will achieve instant relief after consuming ginger in some form. We recommend that you brew some hot tea, along with some crushed ginger. Consume this tea, and within a few minutes you will feel better.


The taste of lemon may not go down too well with many people, but its effect is well-known amongst medical circles. Lace a piece of lemon with some salt and place it in your mouth; and pretty soon you'll be feeling hale and hearty again. Lemon juice works wonders, and you can also add some sugar to it to increase its efficiency.

Fresh Air

In all likelihood, all you need to do to get rid of that crippling nauseous feeling is go outside and get some fresh air. Being locked up in a room that is increasingly beginning to smell worse than you feel, will only compound your condition.
If you live close to the ocean, go ahead and take a walk on the beach. You can even visit a park. The key to cure frequent nausea is to just get out, and get some fresh oxygen in your system, and pretty soon the feeling will be gone.

Peppermint Candy

Peppermint candy also acts as a great remedy. This is not something that everyone carries around with them at all times, but keeping a bit stashed up at home is not a bad idea. It improves the foul taste in your mouth, clears out your blocked nasal passages, and makes you feel better.

Pressure Points

For followers of acupressure, there are certain points in the body that help relieve the nauseous sensation. This is not just mere speculation, as plenty of people around the world claim that it works. The spot exists in the webbed portion between the thumb and the forefinger. Rub this area and apply pressure gently, and you will feel some relief. Even for people who do not believe in this science, trying it out will not hurt.
Morning sickness and nausea is very common in pregnant women. There are no separate or unique cures for it, and simply administering one of these will provide you with relief and comfort. Supplementing the diet with various nutrients and medications recommended by the doctor, will help the individual get through this.
Nausea is a very common and widespread condition, and there are many people who are regularly affected by it. The key is to keep your body hydrated and get some fresh air. This is a condition that can be cured within minutes, if the right methods are adopted. Choosing to solve the problem with prescription drugs simply increases the body's dependence on these drugs, and in the long run, this is harmful for the body. Adopt some natural remedies instead, and the results will be there for you to see.
Disclaimer: This story is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.