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Natural Diuretics for Water Retention

Deepa Kartha
Are you looking for information on natural diuretics to cure water retention? If yes, you have come to the right place, as this Story will give you adequate information on some of the natural diuretics that will help in treating the problem of water or fluid retention.
Fluid or water retention in the body, which is also known as edema, is a health problem that occurs when water starts accumulating in the tissues of the body. As the kidney is responsible for throwing away the excess water out of the body, any problem with the kidney can cause water retention to occur.
Apart from this, it is also very commonly seen in women who are pregnant and those who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, because of hormonal changes that occur in the body during such times. Also, consuming too much of salt and sugar in the diet can also be the reason for fluid retention.
When water gets accumulated in the body, the person tends to put on a little weight, which can be very frustrating. Moreover, water retention can also be an indication of heart diseases, liver disorders, kidney diseases, thyroid problems, etc.
One of the most common treatment measures recommended to cure the problem of fluid retention is diuretics. Diuretics are available in two forms―synthetic and natural. Though the effects of both are the same, most people opt for natural diuretics, as they do not carry any side effects. Apart from this, doctors prescribe natural diuretics even to people who have health problems like liver disease, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, etc.
Natural diuretics are some foods as well as herbs that have the ability to dehydrate the body, thus flushing out the excess fluid accumulated in the body. However, along with the excess fluid, one is also likely to lose essential nutrients from the body. Hence, it is important to follow a healthy and nutritious diet while taking natural diuretics.
Moreover, though they don't have any side effects, they should not be consumed in excess as it can cause further health problems. As the electrolytes go out of balance due to the consumption of diuretics, the chances of death due to heart failure are also high. So, one should be very careful while taking natural diuretics, especially women who are pregnant.
Green Tea: Green tea is said to be the most common natural diuretic preferred by people. Apart from the function of curing the problem of water retention, green tea also helps in suppressing one's appetite and boost one's metabolism, thus promoting weight loss. Usually, this herb is taken in the form of tea, but if you do not prefer this, you can consume it in the form of a capsule or pill too. This herb, which also contains antioxidants, has been used as a medicine in China, since several centuries.
Dandelion Leaf Tea: Though dandelion is used as a natural diuretic by many people, it is the dandelion tea which is said to be the most popular. This is because the later not only aids in removing the excess fluid from the body, but also helps in detoxifying the whole body. Also, it is said to be an effective remedy for people who are suffering from the problem of urinary tract infection as well as cystitis. Dandelion leaf is one of the safest natural diuretic during pregnancy.
Fennel and Nettle: Fennel is something thing which is very commonly used to season food. So, if you have the problem of fluid retention, having fennel is said to be good because it is a natural diuretic. In the same way, another diuretic which will help in cleansing the body in a natural way is nettle.
Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry Juice: Another option of natural diuretics is apple cider vinegar. The best thing about this is that apple cider vinegar not only helps in flushing out the excess water from the body, but also helps in maintaining the potassium level of the body, unlike the other types of natural diuretics. Other than vinegar, drinking cranberry juice is also a good option when it comes to water retention problem.
Fruits and Vegetables: Apart from natural herbs, there are certain fruits and vegetables which act as natural diuretics, and can help in getting rid of the problem of fluid retention. It is important to include fruits and vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, carrots, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, artichoke, etc., in one's diet.
Apart from the above mentioned ones, some other natural diuretics include ginger, juniper berries, oats, etc. However, certain natural diuretics can cause problems when combined with certain types of medications. Hence, if you are taking medicines for some reason, or are pregnant, remember to consult your doctor before taking natural diuretics.
Also, doctors are of the opinion that people should never start taking natural diuretics without the permission or prescription from their health practitioners, even if they do not have health problems, to avoid any kind of health complications.