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Natural Cold Remedies

Palmira S
People tend to suffer from common cold due to decrease in temperature, eating or drinking cold food items, allergies, etc. This story enlists some helpful, natural remedies for cold.
As the winter season arrives, many of us suffer from cold. Although cold is not a serious disease, it can lead to a lot of discomfort. People suffering from cold tend to suffer from runny nose, headache sore throat and cough at the same time. Nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and fluctuating body temperature are also a few symptoms that mark the onset of cold and flu.
It is better to opt for natural remedies for cold as soon as possible to get of the discomfort. The easy natural remedies for cold suggested below will prove helpful in alleviating the situation to some extent.

Natural Remedies for Cold

Here are simple yet noteworthy natural remedies that help relieve cold.


A person suffering from common cold tends to suffer from sore throat as well. Gargling at an interval of three hours, with warm saline water, will keep the throat moist, in turn providing relief from sore throat. The ticklish sensation experienced in the throat will gradually reduce as you gargle.


Common cold can make a person feel weak as he lacks energy. Rest is one amongst the most beneficial remedy to treat common cold. You ought to regain lost energy due to cold. Resting does not mean lolling in bed for days on end.

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Listen to your favorite list of tracks, read a novel or rekindle a conversation with a long-forgotten friend.
You are free to do just about anything; the condition is, conduct yourself in the peripheries of your room.

Administer Warm Baths

You can moisturize the nasal passages by taking a warm water bath. A warm water bath will relax your muscles, thereby minimizing the body aches. Bear in mind that these remedies can be applied in case of infants as well.
However, while opting for this cold remedy for infants, ensure that the water is not too hot as it can further irritate the infant's skin. Post the warm water bath, you may place a small dab of mentholated salve, in order to open the nasal passage and soothe the irritated skin, at the base of the nose,.

Formulate a Hot Pack

Hot and cold packs may also prove to be helpful. This remedy is mainly for adults and children should stay away from it. Hot packs are available at drug stores. You may also make them at home. All you need to do is to place a damp, cotton cloth in a microwave for a minute and use it. This natural remedy for cold is known to work well.

Consume Warm Water

In order to reduce nasal congestion, consume warm liquids. Increasing the intake of warm water or any liquid that is moderately heated prevents dehydration and also helps in soothing the inflamed membranes, further reducing discomfort.


Fruit juices also work wonders. Opt for fruit juices which are hypoallergenic and considerably less acidic. Pineapple juice is one of the best. Pregnant women can also opt for this remedy as they are nutritious. This natural remedy for cold adopted by pregnant women provides them with essential nutritional properties.
Some More Natural Ways to Combat Cold
  • Make sure that you blow your nose often and keep it clean.
  • Avoid sniffing the mucus back as this may cause severe congestion.
  • Do not blow your nose too hard. Doing so may lead to developing pain in the ear.
  • Children have the tendency to draw in the mucus secretion, thereby increasing nasal congestion.
Or you can also get a humidifier, and use saline nasal drops, using these will give some relief. With the aforementioned natural remedies for cold, you are sure to cure cold in a "natural" way. These remedies will surely guarantee some relief from cold. If the symptoms persist, even after the application of the given remedies, an expert consult is a must.