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Natural Antibiotics

Shashank Nakate
Natural antibiotics are those medications, which are easily available at home. Moreover, most of them are the vital ingredients used in cooking. This Story enlists some of these antibiotics, which are useful in treating several infections and diseases.
Natural antibiotics are always considered to be a better option over the regular ones; absence of side effects is one of the main reasons. Moreover, the pathogens are becoming immune even to heavy doses of antibiotics. The instances of infections resulting from the intake of these drugs have aggravated the problem to a greater extent.
As the name suggests, these antibiotics are prepared without any artificial substances and have a natural origin. Mineral and naturally occurring plant extracts are the main ingredients of these medicines.
Garlic: The open wounds during the First World War, were treated by using garlic. Prevention of infection was the purpose behind the use of garlic. Problems like throat and minor ear infections are also treated with garlic. It can therefore, be included in the list of foods, which act as antibiotics.
Colloidal Silver: The solution of colloidal silver is made by dispersing fine particles of silver in a suitable liquid. Water filters are the devices, in which, silver finds application as a natural antibiotic. It is used in water filters to prevent the growth of bacteria. The disruption of enzyme-systems of bacteria is carried out by colloidal silver. It is due to this reason that silver finds use in the treatment of infections.
Vitamin C: A variety of infections are treated with the help of vitamin C. This natural antibiotic has to be used in high doses. The infections, which cause diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and polio are treated by the means of vitamin C. It is also used for the treatment of infections observed in AIDS. Vitamin C plays an important role in the production of white blood cells. Fighting off the bacteria therefore, becomes easier with the help of vitamin C.
Citricidal: Seeds of grapefruit are the source for obtaining citricidal. Dr Louis Parish discovered the use of citricidal as a natural antibiotin in the year 1976. The infections that this medication tackles, are those caused by bacteria, viral agents, and fungi.

For Tooth Infection

The loss of enamel is the main sign of any kind of tooth infection. It shows the degree of damage caused to the teeth. Cavities in the tooth or trauma, are generally the reasons behind these infections. If not treated in time, the infections can lead to the development of abscesses and fever.
A black teabag is one of the best medicines used in the treatment of tooth infection. The teabag is placed between gums of the teeth and cheek overnight in order to treat this problem. Use of garlic capsules is also effective in the treatment of teeth infection. These capsules have to be taken 3 times a day. The course need to be continued for a period 5 days.
The antibiotics, though offer a lot of benefits, research carried out in this field is far lesser in comparison to that of the pharmaceutical ones. There are problems in the field of research, like, the difficulty in patenting, lesser amounts of profits, etc.
Anything that is natural has lesser (or no) side-effects and promotes correct treatment. As far as possible, natural antibiotics need to be used for treatment of infections, instead of other artificial ones.