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Moonstone Properties

Abhijit Naik
An account of moonstone properties, both, physical and chemical, which will tell you why it is so popular among people from different walks of life.
Moonstone is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world, owing to its alleged ability to bring good luck to the person who possesses it. Whether you believe in its ability or dismiss it as a mere superstition, you can't deny the fact that moonstone is popular among masses.
When you are referring to moonstone properties, you are more likely referring to the healing properties of this gemstone―something which has a huge share in its popularity. That being said, its physical and chemical properties are no less interesting.


Among the most popular variants of the moonstone, adularia and albite varieties deserve a special mention. While the former is virtually transparent, the latter is semitransparent in appearance.
Occurring in gray, white, and blue colors, the adularia moonstone is found in several countries in south Asia, while the albite, typically characterized by its dull appearance, is found in North America.
The distribution of moonstone is as diverse as the range of its colors. It is found in various parts of Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. In fact, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the United States boast of being world's major producers of this gemstone.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Most gemstones have a sharp, shiny appearance, while the rest have a pale soft look. Moonstone is a member of the second category of gemstones, with its pale semi-transparent appearance. It is found in a variety of colors, such as yellow, brown, white and blue. It is made up of potassium aluminum silicate, and its chemical formula is KalSi3O8
The layer inclusion of different feldspars make the light to reflect within the moonstone, thus resulting in its opalescent luster, from which it derives its name - the moonstone. At times referred to as hecatolite, this gemstone has several local names in the different regions where it is found.

Healing Properties

As far as its healing properties are concerned, the moonstone belongs to the monoclinic family of the healing crystals. These healing stones are believed to have a positive effect on the body and thus, encourage growth and transformation. People who practice crystal healing tend to associate this gemstone with the Moon.
On the basis of this, they suggest that its healing power is maximum during the full moon. It is one of the most important components of spiritual healing. Colloquially, it is also referred to as a woman's stone, owing to its various benefits for women.
It is mainly used to cure disorders with women's reproductive system, such as balancing the internal hormone cycles and other health problems associated with it. When it comes to healing, the stress is on achieving the state of balance and treating psychological problems, which, in turn, helps in curing the physical ailments.
Other than these properties, yet another fascinating attribute of this gemstone is its use on the basis of the various beliefs associated with it. It is widely used in fortune telling, owing to its supposed tendency to bring good fortune.
Wearing a moonstone is believed to bring success in business, love life, etc. Since ages, it has been used by travelers across the world, as it is believed that it protects the person from the hazards of the journey.