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Mineral Oil Enema

Rajib Singha
Enema is defined as an injection of a liquid through the anal passage to stimulate the bowel movement. It's a natural way for colon cleansing. Most people utilize mineral oil enema to get relief from mild or severe constipation.
Proper bowel movements form an important part of healthy living. Bowel disorders like constipation, hemorrhoid, colitis, etc. are common in people who love junk foods or processed foods. Enema helps to detox the body from excess waste that gets accumulated by consuming these foods. Enema is not only done for colon cleansing but also for weight loss programs.
Some people also use it for recreational drugs and anal sex. Mineral oil enema slows down the rate at which water is absorbed from the bowel. This results in the feces getting softer before it gets evacuated.

Instructions for Mineral Oil Enema

The first ingredient you need is mineral oil. Take two cups of it. Thereafter, add about 5 - 6 cups of filtered water to the oil. Stirring the mixture for a long time won't help in mixing the oil and water. So, stir it for a minute then heat the mixture to about 102 - 103 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a microwave for heating or even a gas stove will do.
Continue heating the mixture for sometime until it attains the required temperature. You can use a thermometer to keep a check on the temperature. After having heated the mixture, pour it into an enema bag and proceed with administering the enema. The enema bag comes with a rectal tube which is required for the medication.

Some Considerations

# Expecting mothers or lactating mothers are advised to consult medical professionals before administering enema. This even applies for those who are planning for a child.
# You should also inform your doctor, if you are on other medicines, supplements, and any history of allergic reaction to foods, medicines or other substances. If your medical history includes heart failure, stomach aches, nausea, rectal bleeding, kidney problems or any kind of medical disorders, you should seek medical advice before using mineral oil enema.
# Having appendicitis or intestinal blockage also prohibits the use of this procedure.

Side Effects

Common side effects that may occur include bloating, gas and diarrhea. Stomach cramps and nausea may also show up in some cases. Many people have been known to suffer from severe side effects associated with allergic reactions. These include developing rash and hives and difficulty in breathing.
Tightness in the chest, swelling of the lips, mouth or tongue are also signs of severe allergic reactions due to mineral oil enema. Other side effects include disturbed bowel movement within 6 to 8 hours, even after taking the enema, and feeling of dizziness.
The person may also feel weak along with muscle cramps or pain in the muscles. Fainting, swelling and irritation are also the possible side effects. Enema also harbors a risk of damage to the tissues of rectal or bowel regions, if not performed as directed.

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Such accidents could cause internal bleeding, which could worsen the problem by triggering intestinal bacterial infection. During an enema procedure, the vagus nerve may get stimulated and this may result in causing abnormally slow heartbeat.
To conclude, mineral oil enema is an effective way for colon cleansing. However, the indiscriminate use of mineral oil as laxative can trigger severe side effects as mentioned above. So it is important to consult a qualified medical personnel regarding the use of this procedure.