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Manual Adjustment of the Body Is Key to Chiropractic Treatment Success

Matt Thompson
A hands-on approach is the basis of chiropractic care that offers a natural remedy for body aches, pain, and injuries. Chiropractors use their hands only to realign and adjust your body back to its healthiest state.
Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine aims at creating a personalized treatment plan for every individual based on the specific lifestyle and bodily injury of the patient. Although chiropractic care is about pain relief, it does much more by ensuring the overall well-being of patients. It involves a non-invasive approach.

Focus on the body

The musculoskeletal system that constitutes the framework of the body is at the center of the attention of chiropractors. They believe in the natural healing powers of the body and know the techniques of activating it to provide relief from various pain conditions, including headaches and migraines.
Regardless of the cause of pain, whether from some injury or from improper body posture practiced for a long time, chiropractors can heal it completely to provide long term relief from pain.

Correcting Structural Misalignments

By focusing on the body structure, chiropractors can set various right conditions that cause pain by correcting the misalignment of the body parts. They use only their hands to apply controlled pressure on the affected part of the body with the careful movement.
It can treat problematic muscles, nerves, joints, and bones a well as connective tissues that cause pain. By using the techniques of joint manipulation, chiropractors are capable of reviving full mobility of the joints that got impaired due to some chronic overuse or injury.

Chiropractic Adjustments

According to the chiropractic philosophy, an ailment that causes pain results from misalignment of the body structure, which can happen for various reasons. Therefore, realigning the body through manual adjustments should help the body to regain its original settings so that the body parts can work in the way it is supposed to.
Chiropractors have complete knowledge about the constitution of the body and possess the skills to carry out various manual adjustments that can set right any deformity that has happened.

The Spine is in Focus

All chiropractic adjustments happen around the spine because chiropractors believe that the spine is the origin of good health. To bring back the alignment of the joints and relieve it from undue stress, chiropractors undertake spinal adjustments which form the basis of all chiropractic treatment regardless of the location of the pain.
When the body undergoes too much stress, the spine loses its original alignment and puts pressure on the nerves and restricts blood circulation, which causes pain and numbness. By using their hands only, chiropractors can reset the spine that puts an end to the conditions that caused pain and provides relief without any side effects.
In addition to the spinal adjustments, chiropractors use other forms of treatment like physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises to ensure that the effects of the treatment last longer. They also advice changes in lifestyle and diet to sustain the benefits of the treatment.