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Uses of Malachite

Saptakee Sengupta
Malachite is a beautiful green stone which has manifold uses, ranging from astrology to jewelry. The allure of this shiny gem, which is supposed to enhance one's clarity of mind, has captured the imagination of many a generation.
The chemical formula for malachite, which is a carbonate mineral, is Cu2CO3(OH)2. This is also called mallow green stone, as it looks like the leaves of mallow plant. It is commonly known as copper carbonate.
Crystallization of malachite changes its form from monoclinic crystal to a botryoildal, stalagmitic, and fibrous mass. Though individual crystals are rare, they also occur as acicular prisms. The mineral has many useful properties and the color makes it an attractive piece.
Malachite is found in oxidized deposits of copper and is a secondary copper mineral. Large quantities of this mineral are mined in Russia, Zambia, Mexico, France, Namibia, Arizona, and the Urals.
Archaeological evidence shows that this mineral was mined during the 10th century BCE at Timna valley, renowned as King Solomon's Mines. Even today, extensive mining of malachite is carried out at Timna valley.

Important Uses

Malachite is a semi-precious stone, the numerous uses of which make it valuable. They are polished, banded, and then used for various purposes. Read the next content to get the details about uses of malachite.


Malachite is considered as a powerful healing stone that can cure many ailments. It works for the improvement of heart and mind. It is used during pregnancy to protect the child and mother from ill health, and is also known to bring prosperity in life.
Astrologers also consider wearing this stone to increase concentration skills and improve harmony in life. It is also beneficial for psychic vision. It is said to relieve one from desires of ego, removes hindrances, and inspires ideas.


Malachite, being a fairly soft rock, is used for carving statues, specimens, emblems, showpieces, etc. Its color ranges from dark blue to green and they can be cut into different shapes.
Malachite and azurite are also blended together for different types of carvings. Since the rock is somewhat brittle, no ultrasonic or steam cleaning should be done to the statues built with it.


Malachite's rich green color makes it perfect for making rings and necklaces. Its colors also range from light green to deep blue.
The opaque stone can be molded into various shapes and sizes, forming finger rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, tie pins, etc. Due to high copper content, this mineral has a strong electromagnetic energy field, capable of absorbing negative energy from the auric field, thus protecting one from negative energies.

Other Uses

Malachite is also used in ammunition, electrical circuits, electronic equipment, appliances, automobiles, coins, etc. The ore is also used to build copper pipes. Primitive people used malachite for making paint.
I guess you have found the astrological uses of this stone most worthy amongst all the other uses. This beautiful green gemstone looks charismatic in jewelry.