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Magnetic Therapy for Headache

Pragya T
A migraine headache is one of the most painful aches. Though there are prescribed medicines for the same, there are also alternative therapies, like magnet therapy, for relieving migraine headache. They are said to improve blood circulation, thus facilitating a faster cure.
A headache is a common health complain. However, many people tend to suffer from a migraine headache. About a decade ago, there was only one medication to treat migraine headache - aspirin. But, today there are many different medications available.
Many of the non-prescription type medications to treat migraine headache or normal headache are available over-the-counter. These are generally medications which are a mix of aspirin and caffeine. There are also many other pain killers which can help relieve migraine headache.
A migraine headache is generally observed in women. Many factors can trigger it, such as smells, foods, hormonal imbalance, stress, exertion, etc. A migraine headache can be throbbing or pulsating. They are generally experienced on one side of the head or both. This headache can also cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, etc.
Doctors generally prescribe a stronger medication for migraine headache, but their overdose can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, stomach ulcers etc.

Magnetic Therapy for Migraine Headache

If you wish to avoid long-term side effects of medication to treat a migraine headache, then consider an alternative medicine treatment for it. Finding what triggers the migraine headache and preventing these factors can help. For example, if you get migraines from too much stress, then stress management can help to control it better. One such alternative treatment for migraines is magnetic therapy.
Magnetic therapy basically uses magnetic field to provide relief from headache. It is also known as magnet therapy, magnet therapy or magnet therapy.
A magnetic field is produced using permanent static magnets or electromagnetic devices. This magnetic field is used to give therapy to the patient. Depending upon the placement of magnet the relief is provided. There are magnetic necklaces, magnetic headbands, magnetic bracelets, etc., used for pain relief.
To treat a headache using magnetic therapy, magnetic headbands, pillows, pads, eye mask and necklaces are used. The magnet is attached to body and is used to get rid of pain, discomfort or unease. There are many companies which make many magnetic therapy products.
Magnet therapy is said to improved blood circulation. This is because the blood contains a protein called hemoglobin which carries oxygen. Hemoglobin is diamagnetic in nature, which means it can help to create a magnetic field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field. This improved blood circulation helps to provide relief from pain and discomfort of migraines.
Practitioners of magnetic therapy support the benefits of magnetic therapy strongly, and say that it can cure many illnesses depending upon the placement of magnet. However, there are no scientific claims to it, and many patients must be finding a relief using magnetic therapy due to a placebo effect. There is not enough research to support magnetic therapy as a cure for migraine, but there are many people who firmly believe that magnetic therapy has provided relief from their migraine headache.