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Magnetic Bracelets for Men

Puja Lalwani
Magnetic therapy has been around for thousands of years now. To make magnetic therapy part of daily life, people are opting to wear bracelets. It is believed that wearing a magnetic bracelet improves blood circulation and provides effective healing to muscle problems.
Like many other areas of alternative medicine and therapy, it is only now that the use of magnetic therapy has been revived, and its possible benefits have been recognized. This therapy works on the principle that its magnetic field aligns with that of the body; thereby, relieving muscle pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.
Magnetic therapy has been put to use of by placing magnets in different forms of jewelry such as anklets and bracelets for both women and men. In fact, there are such specific sports accessories that men wear while playing golf and other sports to reduce the risk of injury.
Magnetic therapy has been used to heal a lot of health problems, particularly those emanating from muscle injury or joint stiffness. When worn in the form of a bracelet or any other form of jewelry, the magnet is known to increase the circulation of blood in a particular area, thereby, enhancing the healing process from pain or any other muscle injury.
It provides more oxygen and other essential nutrients to that body part and helps eliminate harmful toxins in the body.

In magnetic therapy, the magnets enables the oxygenation of the cells that augments the process of healing of the muscle injury. People commonly use magnetic bracelets for arthritis and sports injuries.

Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

• Most often, men who play golf are found wearing magnetic bracelets. This theory not only alleviates pain but also helps in improving the overall health and well-being.

• Magnetic therapy is known to enhance melatonin production and induce sleep because half the healing process takes place while we are asleep.
• Bones and tissues in the body are healed by magnetic therapy as it accelerates the transfer of calcium ions.

• Magnetic bracelets are worn to provide relief from arthritic and joint pains around the wrist. The wrist has various acupressure points, which means that not only do they help the wrist, but also pain in the neck, arms, and shoulders.
• Magnetic therapy applied on the affected areas can treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sore wrists, and hand spasms experienced by golf players. Furthermore, the wearer will also find relief from conditions such as headache, increased stress and anxiety, sleep disorders such as insomnia, and other stomach and digestive issues.

Magnetic Bracelet Designs

• Magnetic bracelets are made from quality metals such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, gold, and silver. They are highly durable and can withstand external aspects like water, rust, and dust. As for the designs, they come in tremendous varieties that cater to men's lifestyle.
• Sporty designs of magnetic bracelets are made up of stainless steel or titanium, are waterproof, and do not corrode. They are mostly lightweight pieces that can be easily worn by sportsmen while playing. The magnetic easy-lock clasps of the bracelets make them secure by preventing accidental slip or breakage during strenuous movements.
• In some magnetic bracelets, elastic bands are used to avoid the risks that clasps come with and also provide better grip.

• Men can also consider customizing their magnetic bracelets through some text or design engravings. Even golf magnetic bracelets come in a variety of styles that make them suitable for any occasions.
• Some magnetic bracelets may also contain studded gemstones and diamonds to add to their elegance. Even in terms of patterns, you can find a wide variety like woven, twisted, link, and beaded patterns.

What Does Research Say?

There is a common concern about magnetic bracelets regarding whether they actually work. The little research that has been conducted on the effects of magnetic therapy has shown that these bracelets are not greatly effective. The claimed benefits of healing upon wearing them do not have any scientific evidence to back them.
In fact, a very recent study has shown that men who wore such accessories experienced little or no relief from the osteoarthritis they had been affected with.

Magnetic bracelets should not be worn by those who have cardiac pacemakers, or if one is undergoing radiology treatment. Ensure that they aren't worn if one has to go for an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan.
While there are no harmful effects of wearing one otherwise, do not rely only on this remedy of alternative therapy to treat you. You must continue taking your medicines and other treatment options that have been prescribed by your doctor.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of a medical professional.