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Magnetic Bracelets for Back Pain

Scholasticus K
Magnetic therapy, an ancient form of healing, has been revived and is being used with reports of success in several cases. There have been cases where people suffering from back pain have benefited from wearing magnetic bracelets.
Magnetic bracelets are used in what is known as alternative or cultural therapy. Basically, this kind of therapy is used instead of conventional medication such as pain killers or common medications such pills. The magnet, or magnetic therapy, chiefly involves wearing a magnetic bracelet or ring, or even small miniature brackets of magnets on a small piece of string for stipulated time periods.
The problem with magnetic therapy is that our over-rational and realistic brain does not agree with the variable results that are shown by this therapy. Magnetic therapy indeed has different and unique results on almost every individual.
The bracelet acts both as a pain-killer and also a curing agent for back pain. Please note that a bracelet can be worn around the wrist to cure the ailment, or it can also be a wrap, or belt or simply a bracelet which is worn around a person's waist.

How does Magnetic Therapy Work

Now it must be noted that magnet therapy is based upon the most basic element of the human body, that is the cell, and the minor electric charge that this very cell carries. It is believed that the Earth, which in itself is a huge magnet, helps us keep up the charge of our own cells and also keeps up our body's oxygenation, and the overall composure of the body.
Modern lifestyle, which has put us in concrete and electronic jungles, plus a lack of being connected to nature or being in nature often trends to disrupt this natural magnetic field which tends to affect our bodies. Now, how does the magnet help us?
Using the same logic that the earth's magnetic force tends to influence our body in several ways, a magnet simply substitutes the earths magnetic force or in some cases adds to its reduced effect. Here's how the therapy goes:
  • The human blood throughout the body, the cells and tissues, all contain ions of some specific charge (+ve or -ve). A magnetic bracelet basically tends to attract and repel these ions, thereby increasing the blood flow. 
The magnetic field also extends to almost every cell within its range, and thus 'charges it up', thereby enhancing its function. The presence of ions makes the tissues and organs respond to the magnet's field.
  • The motion of the ions, in response to the magnetic field, significantly improves the circulation of the blood within a said tissue or organ. This expands the capillaries throughout that part of the body. 
The waste products which have remained in that body part are thus also taken away and thrown out. This also increases the volume of oxygen which is present in that part of the body. The field thus also helps us to revive the cells and the level of oxygen.
These two functions help the body to alleviate the pain, revive cells and throw out waste matter which may be lying around.

Magnetic Bracelets for Back Pain

Now, how would magnetic bracelets help you to relieve back pain? Well, as we saw above, magnets help the body to charge up and revive cells, improve circulation and oxygenation and also get rid of waste, which partially cures the cells which have been affected. The oxygenated blood which is cured soothes the pain to a certain extent.
  • The presence of the magnetic field also tends to have a certain effect on the substances and nutrients within that body part, for example, the inflammation gets reduced and substances such as calcium and lactic acid or other fats and acids get toned down to requisite quantities. The remaining is excreted along with other waste and toxins.
  • The field revives cells, including nerve cells in the back, which lead to the production of endorphins, the finely, tuned and well-balanced natural pain killers of the body.
  • The calcium ions start their migration process which is needed to help nerve and bone tissues/cells.
  • In some cases, the magnetic field also enables the body to properly produce a hormone known as melatonin, which helps us to sleep soundly.
Causes of back pain range from old age to poor posture and even simply too much stress on the back. Now all these common problems along with the muscular and skeletal ailments such as deficiency, trauma and fractures and muscle injuries can be cured with magnetic bracelets. The rate or recovery and the duration for which it is to be used differs. In fact in some cases, the results are so slow that they do not appear or even show up.
The following are the types of magnetic bracelets which are used by people:
  • Back Warp: The back warp is one of the ways of getting rid of chronic lower back pain and helps us to support lumbar region, which is the region between the ribs and hip bones.
  • Block Magnets: Block magnets are attached in the bracelets or are sewn into straps. These are used to get rid of lower back pain.
  • Neodymium: Bracelets which have neodymium in them are used to get rid of superficial and localized pain occurring in specific parts of the backs. The magnet in itself is placed over the area of pain in order to alleviate the pain. Note that neodymium is a natural earth magnet which has a rather strong magnetic field.
Well that's that. The areas that the magnetic field affects are small. Hence the effect is never instantaneous, it will take a certain amount of time. Before using any kind of magnetic bracelets, consult a doctor for instructions, as there are some side effects of these bracelets.