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Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

Rutuja Jathar
There is quite a boom of magnetic bracelet therapy in the field of alternative medicine these days. There are many ailments that is believed to be cured by magnetic therapy.
Using magnets for healing purposes is not an alien concept. Magnetic healing is a popular field of alternative medicinal practice. Earliest uses of magnetism and their benefits are found in ancient cultures of China, India and Egypt. In the process of magnetic healing, static magnetic fields are used for health effects.
In order to make magnetic therapy useful for the entire body, experts have come up with various types of magnetic jewelry articles like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
All these jewelry articles are made of permanent magnets that are combined with equally useful metals like nickel, copper, iron, etc. In order to make them look more appealing, magnetic jewelry is polished with silver and gold.

▶ Benefits of Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

A lot of detailed study has been performed to find out benefits of magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewelry articles for that matter. As a result of this, there are more than one theories that provide details about magnetic bracelets benefits.
◾ It is believed that magnetism attracts blood iron (hemoglobin). Considering the same fact, magnetic bracelets are said to be beneficial for increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow promotes the rate of magnetic healing. This occurs when the magnets in magnetic jewelry touch the skin of the wearer.
◾ Some people believe that human body is made of positively and negatively charged ions. These ions play a vital role in controlling medical ailments. If one of these types of ions lose balance, the person suffers with health conditions like cell degeneration, inflammation, infections, headache, etc.
◾ According to the experts and magnetic bracelet manufacturers, magnetic therapy is extremely helpful. Wearer of these bracelets starts feeling its positive effects really soon. Along with getting rid of the ailments, the wearer also starts to experience a feeling of calmness and tranquility.
◾ Magnetic healing therapy also benefits in treatment of insomnia, body pain, incontinence, and even bone injuries. The important reason behind this is that magnetic therapy boosts melatonin hormone, which is an important healing hormone. These bracelets also improve blood circulation and provides a better alternative cure for mental conditions like anxiety and stress.

▶ Considerations for Using Magnetic Bracelets

According to some researchers, magnetic bracelet therapy benefits that are mentioned above are for real, when it comes to reducing pain and relieving certain medical conditions. However, some researchers say that results and benefits of using magnetic bracelets cannot be generalized.
The biggest reason behind this is the fact that all the above mentioned benefits of magnetic therapy are not yet scientifically proven. As a result, they are pretty doubtful.
Most importantly, these researchers do not deny existence of benefits of magnetic therapy; but they do insist that wearing magnetic bracelets and other such jewelry cannot be an alternative for prescribed medications and other sources of treatments.
There are a few medical conditions in which the patients should completely avoid magnetic therapy. In the conditions where the patient has undergone cardiac surgery, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, has a pacemaker, etc. then he/she should consult the respective health care provider before going ahead with magnetic healing.
Wearing magnetic therapy bracelets is also harmful if a person is going for several medical tests that are typically performed under high magnetic fields. These tests include, x-ray, MRI scan, CAT scan, etc.
All in all, since there is no definite scientific proof which can highlight benefits of magnetic healing the person himself is the best judge to determine whether he should use it. Everyone should consult his regular health care provider before taking the important decision of using this therapy. That way, he/she will get aware of the benefits of such devices on a more personal basis. Take care!